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Last Post by RabbitPam at 8/22/2012 4:07 AM (5 Replies)
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8/20/2012 8:45 PM


I will be moving for college and need to take my bunny along. The only problem is I live in Arizona and it is REALLY hot. I have air conditioning and I am planning on using a frozen water bottle for her to cool herself down on...but is there anything else I should remember? 

She has not traveled much but when we do, she does get quite nervous. Any suggestions? 

Thank you! 

User is Offline TH004
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8/21/2012 1:46 AM
Are you traveling via car? If so, maybe you can get those window clings, meant to keep the sun out of a baby's eyes? That would help keep the harsh sun from beating down and warming her up more.

How long is the trip? Maybe you should bring her favorite greens, so keep water going in her and keep her fed?
My first buns had to travel a lot with me, with the longest trip being 4 hours. I found that talking sweetly to her helped calm her down. I also put her in a position, so that I could reach back into the backseat while stopped at a light or something and pet her head through the cage door.

As soon as you get to your college, I would set up her cage first. Get it all ready, fresh litter, toys, and maybe add something special she likes, like a treat, and put her in it to get settled while you do the rest of the moving. That is what I have done each time I had to move my buns.

User is Online LittlePuffyTail
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8/21/2012 1:51 AM
If you have air conditioning she will probably be fine. Just make sure to NEVER leave her in the car while it's parked, not even for a minute. A parked car can become like an oven.

A frozen water bottle is a good idea. You can wrap it in a sock and put it in her carrier. Stop frequently (if it's a long drive) to offer her water and wet veggies. You can wash veggies before you go, wrap them in a wet paper towel and put them in a plastic bag.

I like to take along a baby blanket to cover any parts of the carrier where the sun is beating down, or like TH004 suggested, window clings or blinds.
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User is Offline TH004
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8/21/2012 2:00 AM
As LittlePuffyTail said to never leave the buns in the car--I fully agree. Some places you may stop for something may not openly allow pets. Some may judge me, but again, I had to travel a lot for work, so I got a really cute black bag that looked like a nice purse, that was made for carrying pets (had lots of air vents!). I would put her in that and walk around like I was just wearing a purse. She was never in there long, but if I had to run in a place to grab food or something, I felt it was better than keeping her in the car. Also, when I stopped for gas, I would keep her car door open to get some air in there.

Mine also loved to be held on her back like a baby, so I did that, using a baby blanket to shield her face. When people asked to see my bundle of joy, I said the baby was sleeping. Sometimes she was and would snore, which would throw people off. Who has ever heard an infant snore? It sounded human though!

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
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8/21/2012 6:37 PM
You can tape sheets, or pillow cases to the back windows to keep direct sunlight off of your bunny. As long as you keep the AC going, you should be fine. I'd strongly caution not to leave your bunny in the car without the ac running even for a couple of minutes, just like you wouldn't with a dog, as they heat up in minutes. A frozen water bottle is a great idea.

Also traveling at night would be much cooler, so that's what I often do for road trips-less trucks, less traffic, plus if it's a long trip once I've been on the road hours, instead of a sleepy sunset, I get a sunrise and a burst of wake up

User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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8/22/2012 4:07 AM
Keep a cooler in the car for water bottles for both of you. Also, a cold, damp washcloth wrapped gently around her ears will cool her down. I drove from MA to FL in july one year, and I got those suction cup window blinds that were mentioned for my bunny in the back seat. Have your carrier ready so you can take her inside with you at every stop. The buildings are air conditioned, too, so that will help.
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