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Last Post by FrostFamily6 at 4/17/2017 9:08 AM (21 Replies)
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8/28/2012 1:02 PM
I do like the House Rabbit forums better, breeding makes me all twitchy especially if they're not housing their rabbits properly. I work at a shelter so pretty much I look at all the cute baby bunnies at my town's 4H fair and think about how that bunny just took a home away from a bunny at the shelter. It's not like we haven't had to refuse bunnies because we were so full, not to mention all the other shelter's are full so they can't help.

^^Though of course that's just my opinion and I certainly hope it didn't cause offense to anyone.

User is Offline FrostFamily6
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4/17/2017 9:08 AM
 Hey Everyone! I'm new to bunnies and even newer to forum postings. But I would like to get some good solid answers. lol We recently agreed our children had earned pets and after talking about it, as I had a rabbit (singular lol) when I was a child and after light research learned they enjoyed social interaction we decided to get them rabbits. And I wanted one too . Well its a little late for long story short but, they were just a little over a month old when we got them bc we wanted them to grow up used to interaction with us very regularly. The couple that we got them from raises lots of rabbits and occasionally sell them. (Their yard was like nothing I had ever seen! They had rabbits running around like cats and just hanging out. They don't leave the yard, they were so friendly and well behaved it was amazingly enchanting! Needless to say we got 4 fur babies that came home with us. The couple said they were still a tad young to tell the sex but believed we had all girls. we've had them about a week and a half, a friend came over and checked em and we have 3 boys and a girl. lol Our little girl Aphrodite and one of our little guys Zeus stay hip to hip snuggled up constantly, one of the other little boys is getting a tad aggressive with her.i guess i need to know, ( i do plan to neuter them all) will it hurt anything to neuter them one at a time and do I need to do it in any particular order? i don't wanna separate Aphrodite and Zeus bc they seem so happy and peaceful. What do I do!? lol I want all four of them to be able to play together and have companionship. If they all grow up together will they stay friendly with eachother when they get older? From what I ready it seems a little more complicated than that. lol
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