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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BEHAVIOR > Aggressive 7-month old female holland lop
Last Post by Frapptastic at 8/05/2012 3:13 AM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline LilytheLop
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8/04/2012 11:03 PM

I have a female 7-month old holland lop bunny who has become aggressive within the past 2 months or so. When I got her, I planned to accustom her to human contact by always holding her, etc... But unfortunately, I couldn't be with her for the last 3 months. During this time, she didn't receive much human contact and she mostly hopped around the house freely and slept in corners (during the day).

Now, whenever I am near her, she will jump out of nowhere and attack my ankle. I was giving her some hay through her cage the other day and she growled at me. I'm pretty much terrified to be near her at this point, since I can never predict what she will be like. I thought she would be tame and docile as she was when I first got her, but not shes just angry all the time. She has a great cage, great food, and lots of playtime.

My question is: Is it too late to try and make her friendly? Will she ever be tame again, or should I return her to her seller? I only consider this because this is causing me a great deal of stress and sadness and I don't want her to be unhappy. I really need a friendly bunny that enjoy human contact and being held. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


User is Offline Almcv
Winnipeg Canada
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8/04/2012 11:10 PM
7 months is pretty peak hormonal period for rabbits, its considered the "teen" part of the life of a rabbit
to my knowledge the best way to fix the aggression is to get her spayed

what i would do if you cant afford the spaying is go into a room with her alone and just chill on the floor, read a book but dont intrect with her , let her hop around and just get use to you again if u were gone for several months, everyday for a hour or 2
but id still consider the spaying the best option

im sure other BB members will have better feed back but its a start

User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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8/04/2012 11:45 PM
Yep, it's prime hormone time. Time for a spay My girls both settled a bit after theirs, so if you mix that with a bunch of time and patience, I bet you'd get your sweetie bun back

User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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8/05/2012 1:18 AM
Do get her spayed, it will help the hormones and help calm her down

User is Offline Frapptastic
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8/05/2012 3:13 AM
She sounds a lot like my Frappe was before I got him neutered. I couldn't walk across the room without him diving out and trying to bite my ankle! It was very frustrating. He has improved so much since I got him neutered a couple of months ago-totally different bun! Look into getting her spayed-you will both be happier!
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BEHAVIOR > Aggressive 7-month old female holland lop

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