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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > Day 2 of bringing home the baby...
Last Post by Hunny's Momma at 7/24/2012 7:54 AM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline Hunny's Momma
Beautiful New England
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7/21/2012 4:22 AM

So it hasn't even been 48hrs since we brought home baby "yet to be named" & Hunny has shown mixed signals.  At first she went all wacky like "who the heck is this tiny lil' fur ball & what the heck is it doing in MY house..."  When he first got here he went straight in an xpen (which is about 3 inches away from hers) with litter box, food & water & I did the same thing I did to litter box train Hunny & it worked.  "He" has done all his business (so far) in his potty... 1st night I covered his pen just incase Hunny decided she wanted to be a jumper (which she is not normally) BUT Hunny was a good girl and stayed in her pen.  So last night we didn't cover it & allwas well. Now she has growled at him & did try to nip at him a few times thru pen BUT I have his pen surrounded by a 2nd xpen for added protection cause the baby is still so tiny half his lil' face fits thru the bars.  When ever she's sniffing around his pen I'm armed with my sons long Nerf sword which i can quickly side in front of Hunny if I hear her start to growl or if she tries to bite also prevents me from having to bend down to their level incase she mistakes me for him & wants to scratch/bite at me...  anyways, she's mellowed out some been lying near his pen... a few times when he was eating she'd go over to her bowls (which are directly across from one another) & start eating too... samething with when he was in his litter box, she's hopped in hers.  I've switched out litter boxes a couple times & she's sniffed it like crazy BUT didn't wig out & she even used it.  She doesn't like when I have him out running around & have her penned up she tries like hell to get out even if she's got yummy treats in there with her... so now my question is with him being so tiny compared to her (She's bout 10lbs now & he's probably 3-4 tops) actually it's funny to think that my Hunny was that small & now she's such a big, beautiful girl, lol. 

How long should I keep them seperated by pens?  I know I should have the lil' one neutered BUT that's like 5/6 months away... I guess I could leave them the way they are & keep taking turns with run time but it's hard since Hunny has been so use to being pretty much free roam & only being penned up at night & if we're gonna be gone for hours... he just tiny & although when she has nipped at him he goes right back up to her, I don't want him to get hurt... Has any one else bonded a baby with a Jr.??  

Like right now, they are lying in their pens on the sides closest to each other...


Any & all advice is much appreciated -

User is Offline Sarita
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7/21/2012 7:08 AM
Well sometimes babies and adults get along fine - the only way to really find out is to get them in a neutral space and see how both adult and baby react. That is the only way to know anything. Of course once he matures he may get all hormonal and humpy and that could annoy Hunny.

User is Offline Hunny's Momma
Beautiful New England
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7/23/2012 5:28 AM
Taking Sarita's advise Hunny & baby no name had their 1st date Saturday night at the "bathtub", lol. Things went well, very calm but i think that had a lot to do with the fact that Hunny was just concentrating on trying to get out of the tub whole time. The baby on the other hand took right to Hunny, smelling her, grooming her & climbing up on her back (I imagine he thinks of her as a mother figure). So we kept them in there for about an hour till Hunny finally made her escape.

Date #2 we dicided to try the bathroom floor figuring Hunny would actually pay some attention to the baby... well we were right! Except it wasn't the kind of attention I was hoping for... at 1st they both just slid around on the floor in their seperate corners, then baby made his way over to Hunny and at first she smelled him (nose & bottom) & just gave him a few light nips to show dominance, didn't seem to bother him any so I thought to myself "this is a good thing" BUT then idk if Hunny just got fed up with being trapped in our tiny bathroom or what but she started to be mean... started with a couple more lil' nips then musta got him good (didn't actually break the skin or anything) cause he hauled ass & hid behind the toilet. After a few minutes he braved the waters again & came out & approached Hunny, again she wasn't having it & again he ended up behind the toilet. We were trying to wait out the hour but Hunny laid there ears flat to the back of her head, beathing very heavy so we ended the session after about 30 min. (Should we have stuck it out???) Once we came back out to the livingroom they each went in their pens & took a break. Before I knew it they were eating "together" & laying close by each other in their seperate pens.

This morning I let Hunny out 1st for a couple hours to let her run & she was smelling, light nipping & licking him thru the bars of his pen. I gave her lots of praise & pets for 'being nice to the baby"... Now he's out running as we speak & she's flipping out when he comes near her pen. I know it's cause she don't want him in her "territory" but I want her to know that he is gonna be allowed to run around that side of the room... Should I keep him away for now?? I don't want her to think it's all HER space cause that area has to be community property.

I'm gonna try the bath tub again tonight I think... Though I did read (idk if it was this site or another but...) that I should try a space that makes them both feel comfortable... So I was thinking maybe I'd try the hall way where there is rug & the space is more open. I'd just have to figure out how to keep Hunny from jumping over the gate...


User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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7/24/2012 7:42 AM
I would personally wait until baby is fixed and his hormones have calmed down before working on anymore actual bonding. Even if you do bond them, once babies hormones start acting up there could be trouble. Bonds can break once the teenaged hormones come out.
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User is Offline Hunny's Momma
Beautiful New England
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7/24/2012 7:54 AM
As of yesterday I have decided on waiting to offically start the bonding process since our vet has told me that she is leaning towards Ashes being female but she is NOT 100% and wants to re-check in another month or so. So with that appt. I will schedule the spay (or neuter, if she turns out to be the HE the breeder & I thought he was, to me it still looks like boys parts but what do I know...). And once all heeled up we will try, try again. For now they will continue to have parallel pens & i will continue to switch out litter boxes & throw rugs so they will be familiar with each other.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > Day 2 of bringing home the baby...

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