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Last Post by Chesters Mommy at 7/21/2012 7:37 PM (11 Replies)
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User is Offline Beccaberry
London, UK
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7/19/2012 10:59 PM

Hey guys! Sort of first time 'bunny slave' as they call it here haha. I've recently bought a rabbit and named him wolfie! His parents looked bit bigger than a mini lop but the breeder told me the mum was bigger because she has had a lot of litters in the past and that he was a mini lop but I dunno for defo if he is lol we'll just wait and see how heavy he grows! He has real long fluffy fur because he is part lionhead and I think he's an orange colour. He has already taken up 3/4 of my room 

Rabbit name: Wolfie (Wolfgang)

Rabbit Age: a couple of weeks old? She told me he was 8 weeks when I bought him.. 

How long has your bunny been with you? Only 3 days but I love him more than my bf already =)

Rabbit Personality Traits: He's very calm and likes to lick things. He licks my face, my elbows and my clothes his wooden chew sticks, my bed sheets everything! He's not extremely active but does like to run around exploring new things. His favourite thing is jumping on things...jumping on boxes...just trying to get as high as possible rofl. He's jumped on me now  and is sitting on my shoulder at the moment clicking/grinding his teeth  As soon as I walk into his pen he sits on my feet and if I'm not sitting down he tries to jump on me and sit wherever he can and when I AM sit down he scrambles onto my lap and sits inbetween my leg gap and sleeps SO CUTE. Doesn't really like chewing too much yet  I pick him up a lot and he loves it. Proper calm and still... wiggling his nose and waiting to be petted

User is Offline bunnyfriend
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7/20/2012 12:32 AM

AWWWW oh my gosh, cuteness overload. That first picture is so adorable and funny, you should send it to disapproving rabbits! 

RIP Tigger          RIP Wilbur           RIP Totoro

User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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7/20/2012 5:12 AM
*head explosions* My goodness, what a cutie!! And yeah, that first pic SCREAMS disapproving rabbits. Totally send it in

User is Offline Mimzy
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7/20/2012 6:04 AM
I love his first pic xD he just looks so funny welcome and congrats on your new baby! He looks so fluffy i just want to cudle him ^-^
They do tend to be more cute and attentive than boyfriends sometimes. Oops! Don't tell my bf I said that
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User is Offline Beccaberry
London, UK
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7/20/2012 6:58 AM
Hahahaha hes sooo cute and I just looked at that website SO HILAR!! Definitely sending that pic in when I get back from work hahaha.
I was wondering if you can tell if he will grow a mane or not or are all baby rabbits fluffy? They do this on purpose make themselves cute as hell so they get their own way and get incredibally spoilt

User is Offline FrankieFlash
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7/20/2012 7:13 AM
*squeee* so cute! I picked up on your accent in the first post before I saw your profile says you're from London. I'm proud of myself over that.

And you definitely sound like you're already a bunny slave! As least you're getting baby bunny cuddles. Don't be alarmed if that gets less and less when he gets older. Just enjoy them now

User is Offline Beccaberry
London, UK
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7/20/2012 10:05 AM
Haha I'm impressed how can you tell?!?! Online we are all equals *pfft* hahahahaha

Ahhh I love cuddling him much but I think he got fleas already! I don't understand everything is going wrong 1 after another! First he had a proper pooey bum and worried me sick now this! I got a lil itchy bite on the foot where he sits on. I bought some flea wipes and wiped him down poor thing looks like a drowned rat rofl. Had to run into the vets just before it shut after work and booked him an appointment early tomorrow morning...then I can find out truly how old he is and if HE is actually a he!!!! Bloody expensiveee for just a check up costed more than Wolfie 

User is Offline FrankieFlash
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7/20/2012 11:52 AM
Be careful with anything you put on them. Rabbits groom themselves and if he ingests it, it can make him sick. There is a couple of safe flea treatments so make sure you talk to your rabbit-savvy vet about that.

And as for telling your accent one word: mum. It's a European thing. But don't worry, I think it's cool. In fact I say it when I'm trying to be cool

User is Offline tanlover14
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7/21/2012 6:44 AM
He is absolutely adorable. And SOOOOO fluffy. I would so cuddle that tiny cute little face all day long if I had the chance. Absolutely agree -- TOTAL disapproving bun photo.
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User is Offline Beccaberry
London, UK
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7/21/2012 9:55 AM

Oh hahahaa bunny mom* ;D 

I bought a wipe saying it was especially for small animals like hamsters gerbils small rabbits etc so it must be okay for Wolfie? They wouldn't make it so it was toxic I hope!

Wolfie is a clever bunny been training her to 'spin' she can only do it when I spin my hand around her and not by voice and ONLY if I feed her something from her rabbit mix that she likes. The vet said I can feed her the rabbit mix but in small amounts and only if she eats everything in her bowl and isn't a selective eater. So I'm going to give her mainly nuggets and take out the seeds and a some of the mix because she needs the nutrients just until my oxbow nuggets come in the post =)

So weird calling him a her now =( I want to know 100% what sex she is because it will just confuse me!

User is Offline Kayle
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7/21/2012 11:48 AM
A big ball of fluff!
when my bunny had poopy butt when i first got him I just cleaned him off with a wet towel.
He cleaned the rest of his fur himself. They're super clean animals

User is Offline Chesters Mommy
Sydney, Australia
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7/21/2012 7:37 PM

So cute and so fluffy 

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