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Last Post by FrankieFlash at 10/03/2012 11:22 AM (15 Replies)
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User is Offline FrankieFlash
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7/14/2012 3:56 PM
I know the title sounds like a gameshow question but I'm trying to compile a list of things I'll need before I get a second bun. I know that Bunjamin needs more attention than I can give and its going to get way worse as I'm taking a lot more credits this fall and I'll have to keep working too. So anyways, I have a rescue picked out to starting dating at when the time is right (preferably at least after I move in August). But in the meantime I'd like to start getting the items I will need when I have two buns.

Here's my started list:
1. Bigger carrier thats large enough for two buns comfortably. Bunjamins is only comfortable for a single, small bun. And I travel to my parents an hour a way pretty frequently.
2. Nic Cubes to extend both his condos (our house and my parents) and dowels etc.

3. Larger food and water bowl? Do your bonded pair share or have separate or how does that work?

4. Another liter box? I probably could do with one after they're bonded but then it'd need to be changed everyday and that's a lot for me. I'd rather every other day or so.

 Okay so what else? I would love advice from people with experience with two bonded buns.

Oh and I know that they won't be staying in same cage right away. I haven't decided whether I'm going to do pen, condo, cage, or what yet until then because I'm hoping since I'm going dating any separation they have won't be permanent. Maybe I'm being naive on that though :/

User is Offline bunnyfriend
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7/14/2012 4:14 PM
I have two water bowls for my buns, but I think one large one could work as well. I definitely think it's better to have separate food bowls, that way each bun has a better chance of getting their share and you could even move the bowls farther away from each other to avoid conflict.

How big is the litter box you have now? I use the large bottom of a guinea pig cage and that just isn't enough for my buns (but then again I have one large rabbit). I have two large cat litter pans as well. It pays to have more than one in my opinion, you don't have to clean them as often and that way one bun can't hog the litter box.

I'll add more if I can think of something else that you'd need to get. You'll just need to buy more vegetables, pellets, and hay but other than that I haven't noticed a big change in costs since adopting a second bun expect for in vet bills.

You must be excited to adopt a second bunny
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User is Offline FrankieFlash
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7/14/2012 4:48 PM
Thanks Bunnyfriend. I have pictures on here under the habitat section of his current litterbox situation. I'm not at home so I don't have any pics on this computer. I'm now thinking to fit two litterboxes comfortably in the cage I might have to add on to the base to extend out. Hmmm or get a new base. I do have a bigger one in the basement but I won't know how big I can go until we get settled in our new place.

I am excited about getting a second bunny but I'm mostly do it for bunjamin. I feel so bad that he's so desperate for more attention than we are already giving him that he is jumping in our laps and stuff. He used to hate being in laps and stuff. I'm also going to move funds around (from the market to bonds)so hopefully the two vet bill thing won't be a problem. Plus Andy, my bf says he would like to help with some of the monetary issues.

BUT that doesn't mean I've started picking favorites that we will introduce Bunjamin to first at the rescue

User is Offline LBJ10
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7/14/2012 5:47 PM
The only problem I ever had was Leopold hogging the litterbox. He likes to sit in there and doesn't care to move if Wooly wants in. The result was either an "accident" outside the box or Leopold getting peed on (took me awhile to figure that one out, there was just a mysterious pee spot on Leopold's back). So I would definitely say two litterboxes or one that it large enough to hold two buns at the same time.

Mine both use the same food bowl, there doesn't appear to be any problem with one eating more than the other. They prefer water bottles and I do have two of those. Wooly prefers the little one though and will wait for me to refill it as opposed to simply drinking from the other one. *sigh*

User is Offline bun-crazy
Milan, Indiana
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7/14/2012 6:03 PM
My boys share the same litterbox and food bowl. I have a pretty large plastic bin that I use for a litterbox, (it's a sterilite storage bin that I bought at Walmart) and they both can fit in it comfortably at the same time even with their hay in there, too. Although for the most part, they seem to be good at taking turns and no one is a litterbox "hogger". I use a pine pellet litter called Cozy N Fresh and it is very absorbant and great at odor absorption. I put about 3/4 of an inch in the bottom of the box and hay on top and I only have to change it about every 3 days! It's amazing stuff, really. Each day I spread out any old hay that's left and put fresh on top. And even though its pine, it has been treated so that it isn't producing any harmful vapors, etc and I'm very pleased with it. I buy it at TSC (a farm store) and it's very economical, too, at about 5 dollars for 20 pounds! One bag lasts me for about 3 weeks. My boys like water bowls, so I have two of them in their condo (one on the ground level and one on the third level). I bought two buns at the same time, so I can't really compare how much it costs over only having one bun. Hope this helps a bit!
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User is Offline equalsign
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7/15/2012 7:58 AM

You'll need money. Vet bills can be murder. Also, you'll definitely want to have Critical Care and Infant Simethicone on hand if you don't already. If they're sharing a litter box it will be harder to see when one of your rabbits has stopped pooping and begun to fall ill. You're going to lose the critical advantage of early detection, so you need to be absolutely ready to compensate. Find a second vet office that is good with rabbits. You'll need to be able to get same-day or next-day appointments if you're to compensate for the possible delay in detection.

User is Offline Stickerbunny
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7/15/2012 8:44 AM
My two HAVE to have multiple litter boxes, they will NOT share one, if Stickers is in the litter box and Powder tries to use it, she'll just hop out and use the floor (even though it's big enough for two, he tends to want to hump her while in the box, which she hates). I also have to have separate levels of litter boxes so she can have her private time since Powder isn't a big jumper and she is, one is on a level so she can jump up and have her privacy. If Bunjamin is picky about cleanliness of his box i'd recommend a second as well, since one will get dirty fast.

For food / water my buns share - I just use a dinner plate from my actual dishes and a ceramic bowl for water. I tried separate dishes but they just shared anyway so whatever, one dish.

Make sure you have a good stock of natures miracle and vinegar, since two buns will have marking wars while bonding/while the bond is fresh. A good pair of THICK gloves for bonding time to avoid you getting bitten in case of fights. And TOYS omg do two go through toys a lot faster than one. Cause even if one doesn't really feel like playing, if the other starts, they both want the toy then it gets destroyed super fast for my two. And mine have to have their own blankies, they won't share... so Powder has a red blankie and Stickers has a christmas themed blankie and they sleep on their own. Sometimes they even drag their blankies side by side so they can sleep together but they have to sleep on their own blankie... it's cute but weird. lol

Other than that, having two isn't much different than one. Except double the vet bills, double the food, double the treats, etc. And double bunny pets! My two demand to be pet together so they lay nose-to-nose when I pet them and I have to use both hands to pet them both at once or one gets jealous, so hard to like talk on the phone while petting the bunnies since I need both hands. lol

And equal not always true - depends on your rabbits. My two have different sized/colored droppings - yes I know my rabbits droppings enough to tell them apart, i'm weird. So if Stickers is having an upset tummy I can tell, cause hers are smaller and lighter color than Powder. They also pee in different spots in the litter boxes (Powder uses the back right corner, Stickers like the front left) so I can tell who is going a lot, or little. And, of course, the private upstairs box is Stickers 99% of the time so if that is untouched I know something is up. So it is possible, if your buns are different enough, to keep early detection. But I do keep simethicone and the emergency vet number in easy reach anyway.

User is Offline FrankieFlash
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7/15/2012 10:09 AM
Thanks everyone! I definitely think I'll be going with 2 litter boxes if not 3 or 4. (spread around the room and cage just in case). I got lucky with bunjamin that he never pees outside the box *knocks on wood* so I almost feel like I'm not equipped to handle a pee war. It'll definitely take some adjusting. I'm also worried about the two buns possibly meaning they need twice as much of my time. Because then it's not really helpful to get a second bun.

I love my bun to pieces and I promised him I would do whatever I could to make him happy but it's hard to read his emotions when he can't talk. He's seems to want more and more attention. He caught me off guard when he jumped into my lap the other day when I was working. Don't get me wrong it was nice to get cuddles but I am definitely concerned how he's going to adjust to me being gone out of the house almost 12 hours a day twice a week and not being able to spend all my time home with him. (that part is because when we move we will have seperate bedrooms and I'll have lots of work and school work to do in another complete room.)

Sorry for my rambles but I know you guys will understand the best.

User is Offline Stickerbunny
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7/15/2012 11:25 AM
If you'll be gone the twelve hours during daytime, he'll probably sleep a lot of it. If the two buns don't bond and while bonding if they do, it will require more of your time than a single bun. Twice the cleaning, twice the attention etc. Could you possibly move some of your homework etc into a room you could sit with him while doing it? My buns are kept from my computer area by a baby gate, but they like to lounge in my room anyway to be near me, but they can't disturb me, so it works well for both of us.

User is Offline FrankieFlash
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7/15/2012 12:39 PM
I do try to do work with bunjamin but he gets in my face and demands my attention. Or chews my papers. It's hard to explain to professors why your bun ate your assignment. lol

I will make this work though. I'm going to invest in baby gates too. And then add nic cubes to the bottom because every metal baby gate I've seen bunjamin would fit through

I'm glad I've decided to wait until we move and school starts. It could leave me quite some time but it could leave me swamped and if so, I'll wait until after this semester when there's less going on.

User is Offline 0molly0
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10/02/2012 6:01 AM

yer i finished my homework handed it into my teacher and he goes my is there bite marks in it i go my rabbit ate it and there was about half of a hand chewed out of the paper awkiies!!


User is Offline TBpony414
Washington, DC
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10/02/2012 5:01 PM
I only have one bun so am not much help but wanted to tell you that your first sentence about the topic being a game show question really made me laugh!

User is Offline bullrider76543
Joplin MO
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10/02/2012 5:16 PM
lol add a lot of patience to you list lol, And it gets very adictive to rescue more and more buns... I have to be very firm to myself that we are full!!!! lol
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User is Offline FrankieFlash
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10/02/2012 6:23 PM
lol Bullrider. I'm kinda glad this thread got pulled up again because I'm actually going to start building a second condo this weekend. I'm hoping to go to the rescue tomorrow and see how the ladies feel about Bunjamin's scent :/

User is Offline Skipper's Mama
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10/03/2012 9:21 AM
Bunjamin is such a cutie I'm sure the ladies will love his scent. =] Has the director lady been any help? I know you talked about her giving you guys some trouble with dragging her feet on the process.

User is Offline FrankieFlash
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10/03/2012 11:22 AM
Haven't heard from her. I just sent her another message. The longer I wait the more I know it's time for Bunjamin to get a friend. Just the way he behaves. Or misbehaves and he stops if we come over to give him attention. He's got us so whipped!
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