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Last Post by LittlePuffyTail at 7/08/2012 3:47 AM (2 Replies)
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User is Offline Tori F
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7/07/2012 5:39 AM

Hi there if anyone can give me some advice about how best to bond my bunnies I would really appreciate it. I have a neutered 5 month old dwarf buck at home and have just got a 3 month old un-neutered doe. I have put the doe in an enclosure in my kitchen, an area my buck has never used!  I let her settle in and for the first hour or so my buck didn't even acknowledge her. After his afternoon snooze he then came to investigate, I sat quietly on the floor with them but unfortunately it didn't go well. They went for eachother through the bars, I separated them immediately and since then they haven't got as close. I put some food down near the pen which my buck has been happily eating. I am unsure whether I should let them meet tomorrow in a neutral space or should I keep them completely separate until she has been neutered?  I also would like to know if it's a good idea to let the doe use the cage I already have, my buck hardly uses it as he has full run of my flat, but I am unsure whether it would cause territorial issues as it was originally his cage? All comments and advice welcome! 

User is Offline Stitchntwinks
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7/07/2012 7:56 AM
Hii, I would wait til she has been fixed, I let mine meet through the bars before she had. Even and it was just all a little territorial and humpy, also if they meet before hand and get on this doesn't mean to say they wil when she is done, as it can change them a bit, I no its hard but from my experience I would wait l then when she is done it gives them a change to start on a clean slate!
But u have the right idea, neutral area is good, have some garden gloves or something of that sort and a spray of water handy to stop any fighting! Good luck

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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7/08/2012 3:47 AM

I fully agree. Unspayed buns can be extremely territorial and it will be very difficult (and dangerous) to try to bond them beforehand. Get her spayed (once she's old enough) and wait until her hormones have calmed down. In the meantime, you can do some bonding research. A great place to start is the Binky Bunny Bunny Info section.

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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > Bonding my bunnies

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