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Last Post by alexa at 7/09/2012 9:14 AM (25 Replies)
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User is Offline alexa
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6/14/2012 5:26 PM
Had another session tonight. They ate again and did the whole "groom off" but still no one will give in. They had a little scuffle after about 10 minutes so I put them in the basket but they fought in there so I put a plate between them and went and walked in circle on the back porch because I figured they were fighting because they were aware they were in the bathroom still and it wasn't that stressful. So I thought outside would be good since there are other noises and an unfamiliar place. That settled them down and I walked back inside and put them back in the tub. They both ended up just flopping and grooming themselves so I ended it then!

So thats two nights in a row where I was able to end on a good note and not because they were trying to kill each other, ha ha.

User is Offline Elrohwen
Hudson Valley, NY
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6/15/2012 7:02 AM
That sounds good! Pretty typical behavior, and good that you ended it with flopping and grooming themselves.

Are you keeping track of how long the sessions are? I found it helpful for my own sanity to say "Ok, today we have to make it 20 minutes" and then I could stop. Eventually I was going much longer, but it helped to see that I was actually making progress.
- Elrohwen

User is Offline alexa
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6/16/2012 8:49 PM

I've been doing 15-20 minutes every night now. I feed them greens in the tub together. I like to wait to end it once one of them flops. They are still nipping and having little fights. I don't have to get my hands in there anymore though. They stop after I spray them with water. Its still the grooming that is pissing them off. Scully is the instigator though. She nips or scratches first, always. They will eat, groom and flop in front of each other, but they can't get within like 8 inches of each other without being grumpy to each other. 

How long does this behavior usually last? I'm prepared to just keep doing 15-20 minutes every night for like a month with the way its going now. At least, that is what I am expecting. I feel like they are never going to bond though! 

User is Offline alexa
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6/17/2012 8:03 PM
Tonight was good. No fighting for the first 10 minutes or so. They both flopped in the end. Only one little scuffle that was broke up by water really quickly. Every time they get close they raise their tails up and I say "Be Niiiiiiiceeeeee" and they will sniff and then back off. So I think it is helping for me to talk to them like that when they get close.

Spooky always never wants to be in the tub for the first like 5 minutes. He just tries to climb out and he will grunt at me and try to bite my hand when I push him back down from climbing out.

Does this all still sound normal? How long does this grumpy behavior towards each other last?

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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6/19/2012 2:46 AM
I found that aggression slowed down once I started making the bonding sessions longer. You could try doing a longer bonding session or doing several short sessions a day.
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User is Offline alexa
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7/09/2012 9:14 AM

I have cancelled this bonding process. I do not think it is going to work. I have had too many injuries between the two of them, and I think Spooky is starting to just hate it. Last night, Scully bit Spooky's eyeball. We are going to the vet today. His eye is swollen and red.

But as for Scully, she will be with me still until I can find someone to adopt her. I have a really close friend that is interested and is going to talk to her spouse about it. I offered to give them everything I have for Scully (cage, food, hay, etc.) I think they will come meet her this week. I hope she can go with them because I will be able to see her still and I know they will take great care of her. I will walk them through the steps of first owning a rabbit. They are about to get married in October.

It's hard but I think it will be best for her to go be a only bunny with my friends. I feel bad that she doesn't get a lot of out of cage time. And that I don't get to hang out with her as much. Having to swap playtimes with them both is stressful and makes me feel bad about who gets more, etc. I wish so much that they would bond, but this has been too many injuries since I have been trying to do this.

Thank you guys for trying to help me though. I really wish it would have worked out. I am very sad about this. But I think this is the right decision for me and the bunnies.

Spooky will just be my little spoiled only rabbit. I think he likes that better anyways.

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