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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Overnight trip what do people do about diet?
Last Post by Kokaneeandkahlua at 6/02/2012 11:04 AM (6 Replies)
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User is Offline kamdynandsunshinesmom
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5/29/2012 8:16 AM
Hi there I go on several not to often an overnight trip. I give my rabbits there vegetables at night and when I go on these over night trips I am unable to give them there veggies. I was wondering what other people do as far as there rabbits diet when they go on an over night trip and they don't have someone to rabbit sit?

User is Offline Elrohwen
Hudson Valley, NY
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5/29/2012 9:03 AM
Sometimes I'll be gone from about 5pm to 10am the next day. In this case, I just feed them at 5pm (instead of their usual 10pm) and they get fed again when I get home at 10am (rather than their usual 7am). It means a bit more time between meals than usual, but they're fine.

If I'll be gone for 24 hours (or even 18), I always find someone to feed them. If I can't find a friend, I hire a professional pet sitter. They really need to eat on a regular basis for gut health, and they typically eat all of their food immediately instead of grazing on it throughout the day.
- Elrohwen

User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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5/29/2012 10:53 AM
simple overnight trips, I just feed them before I go. For more than that, I get a friend to come by and take care of them.

User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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5/30/2012 2:44 AM
I always have two water dishes filled in case one gets emptied or something like a pellet falls in and makes it unpalatable. Then I put out extra hay, which should always be unlimited. I also give extra pellets. (Assuming you know you're going to be gone.) The water and hay are the most important food, and you don't waste hay that's stocked up so leave a lot. Give fresh water and greens as soon as you get home. (And leave fresh, clean litter in the pan, too.)

What's nice about bunnies is that they graze, regulating their eating throughout the day and night. They won't run out and be left empty for hours like dogs.
But the water is essential.
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User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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5/30/2012 3:08 AM
I felt bad this weekend because we weren't expecting to be gone as late as we were at our cookout. We stumbled in at 2am, and both buns were sitting there GLARING at me. It was 6 hours past pellet time. Whoops.

We have a 3 day, 2 night trip coming up soon. We'll be leaving on a Friday afternoon so I'll feed their pellets early. We have a friend stopping by Saturday afternoon and she'll feed pellets and veggies at once, and refill water/hay. And on Sunday, we'll be home early enough to feed again. In a pinch, if we're running late Sunday, I can call and ask that she swing by again.

The key is having enough hay (and water) so even if they are out of pellets/veggies, there is something to keep them eating. My two always have a water bottle and bowl. They rarely use the bottle, but they do from time to time and I like the security of knowing that they have clean water if the bowl gets knocked over or dirty, especially when I'm away.
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User is Offline kamdynandsunshinesmom
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5/30/2012 7:39 AM
Thanks for all the advice. My one bunny loves his pellets so much he eats them all that in 2-3 hours there gone. My female rabbits will graze on her pellets all day long. I will use this advice next time I go on an over night trip.

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
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6/02/2012 11:04 AM
Totally fine to go overnight If it's longer than 24 hours I have people come check, because my only worry with that amount of time is the temperature should any house system fail (AC or heat depending on the time of year) or if they tip their water.

Also -if you want their veggies to last a bit, you can get a large cat ball (the big ones with shapes cut out of them) and stuff the veggies in there. They'll have to work to get the veggies, so they may very well still be having veggies in the evening Have fun on your overnight!
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Overnight trip what do people do about diet?

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