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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Harness for Flemish Giant?
Last Post by Kokaneeandkahlua at 6/02/2012 11:16 AM (6 Replies)
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User is Offline Madeleine
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5/25/2012 12:42 PM

Hey everyone!

 I have a 4 mo old Flemish Giant bunny. I'm looking for the perfect harness for her so that we can explore our yard. I would let her roam free but for now I feel better knowing that she won't run wild I am looking for a harness that is adjustable so that it can still fit her when she's an adult, and one that is easy to put on/take off. Please help!!


Also check out to see videos of her growing up!

User is Offline Hazel
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5/25/2012 2:15 PM
I wouldn't put a harness on her. She could get startled and injure her back trying to get away. You also have to consider running into other animals that could prey on her (dogs, birds of prey), and pesticides on the ground.

She's a cutie btw
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User is Offline Madeleine
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5/25/2012 2:25 PM
Thanks! It's our yard and we don't use pesticides, so she'll be safe from that or other animals. We have a pretty big yard and I've never let her roam free, so I'm sort of nervous about that!! It would be nice if I had a big x-pen, but I don't have one seems like harness is the best option if we get her used to it...

User is Offline SuperCheesetastic
Planet Mars --- Home of bunny martians
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5/25/2012 4:20 PM
I use a harness for my bunny (although many users here do not reccommend such a contraption).
I take Penelope to public parks and have her play with the kids/adults/whoever wants to pet her. Pen couldn't care less about people at the park and would rather dig around and lounge under picnic tables. She seems to tolerate strangers fairly well and will even allow toddlers to come up to her and pet her.

The funny thing is that these parks will commonly have "no dogs" or "no pets allowed" signs, so i'm not worried about other animals harming Pen. Plus, park officials seem to disregard Penelope and they like her and make a huge fuss when she's around.
I eventually want to enroll/evaluate Penelope to become a therapy animal (which is where the harness thing may come in handy), but I shall wait.

I made my harness because pen's old one became tighter.
I take off the harness whenever Pen and I are inside so she won't get tangled.
Penelope only walks in parks/lots/grassy areas on the leash.
Penelope is always the leader.

User is Offline Madeleine
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5/25/2012 4:29 PM
Could you tell me how you made it? I would love to hear what worked for you. Thanks for helping out!

User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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5/26/2012 1:31 AM
Hi, Madeleine,
You'll find that most of the members here are not in favor of ever using a harness. It's really not recommended. My bunnies panicked when I tried one, and running away to get it off, twisting and getting caught up in the leash (or jumping out of your arms) can lead to some serious injuries. They just don't walk or train to heal like a dog would.

An alternative is to have a covered xpen in your yard to provide protection. It's a great one-time investment since they fold flat, can be moved and used indoor and out, and have plenty of room to move around. The cover protects from birds of prey, but even a sheet clamped to the top is safe. A yard is nice, but a bunny is very, very happy indoors with room to run around freely inside, so it's a possibility, but not a necessity to get outside.

Sorry I can't recommend a good style of harness - I just don't know of any.
SPIKE, my snuggle bunny (aka Spikey Marbles)

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
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6/02/2012 11:16 AM
Hi Madeline! I would strongly suggest no harness, leash etc. WAY too many stories of rabbits breaking their backs, it's not a freak once in a while thing, they are very dangerous. Any rabbit can startle, they are very strong and have very thin bones. Not a good combination.

If you want him outside, I would use chicken wire or similar material to ensure there is no way to escape under fence gaps, ensure your fence is high enough. and supervise closely. Use a clicker or just cookies to teach her to come, and head outside! I used to take Rupert out in my old house and just walk around with him-no leash and close supervision. He's comfortable being handled, picked up and will come to me and we never had incident.

Here on the acreage, even when we do fence, I am just not going to be looking for a startled bunny in the woods, so I will hopefully be putting together something of a cat house for them to spend some time outside-even covered I will supervise. Rupert is the kind of bunny who likes outdoors, but most don't so you may find all these tips are moot point and your bunny wants to stay inside
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Harness for Flemish Giant?

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