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Last Post by JustBun at 5/14/2012 3:01 AM (3 Replies)
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5/09/2012 3:28 PM

About my Bunny

My bunny is named JB, which stands for JustBun. He is a mini rex and I got him when he was six months old. He's growing up so fast, already at 9 months. I made an appointment to get him neutered after the third day with him, as he was circling and spraying every time I got him out. After much research on BB I decided it was my best bet. Also, I found out he had some kind of snuffles which has been treated and cleared up now! JB still has quite the foot fetish as he loves to sniff feet. He can be quite the attention HOG and very naughty if you turn your back. He had been chewing the carpet if you didn't constantly watch him. He's getting better about that but now he loves to jump on the couch! He hates to be held but loves to cuddle up next to me and get petted, although he won't do that for anyone else!

I wasn't sure how to add pictures on here, so hopefully this link works. Let me now if it doesn't! 

About Me

I am new to rabbits, although my boyfriend had several growing up. I was trying to decide between bunny or cat and after ALOT of research i decided bunny. I then fell in love with my bun the second I touched him. He's just soooo soft! Besides researching bunny info, I like to knit, read, bike ride, play video games and teach people about bunnies.  

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5/09/2012 3:45 PM
Hi welcome to BB JB is very pretty!! Black Rexes are cool looking.
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5/14/2012 1:19 AM
Welcome to you and JB! I love Mini-Rexs! I have one named Stormy.
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User is Offline JustBun
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5/14/2012 3:01 AM
Thanks for the welcomes! I did figure out how to upload pictures in another post, you just have to scroll down a bit further. So more pictures to come, I'm sure. I love looking at everyone else's cute bunny pictures and they are all so unique. It's been making me want to get a friend for JB. I just don't think I'm ready to handle more than one bun yet, he's a handful.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > Welcome ! > Hello everyone

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