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Last Post by jerseygirl at 5/23/2012 6:31 PM (10 Replies)
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User is Offline wendyzski
Chicago, IL
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5/09/2012 1:34 PM
It's been a while since I've been on here, folks. 

When you last heard from me, I had Pepper the BunnyBitch aka PlagueBunny - a bossy lop girl with chronic pasteurella.

After several years of treatment, she finally crossed the Bridge last August from a heart attack and GI stasis plus other complications resulting from an antibiotic-resistant inner-ear abcess. Necropsy showed that she had a whole slew of other chronic and underlying issues, so really it was only a matter of time and anything resembling a health crisis would have finished her off.  She got excellent care, and I know that there was nothing more that anyone could have done for her.

I took some time off, and then began to take in fosters for my local shelter (Red Door).  Because of my experience with Pepper, they sent me bossy girlbuns who needed some peace and quiet plus an experienced hand to help them settle down.  After having a different bun every 5-6 weeks or so, I finally fell in love with one of them.

 Winslet, aka "Her Grace, Duchess Winslet vonThumpington" is a black Satin of between 2-3 years of age.  She certainly has a mind of her own, but is also sweet-natured and affectionate.  She was originally dumped in a residential neighborhood in Chicago, and became so popular with the neighbors that when the rescue team came they actually called the police!  "Some people are here and they are STEALING OUR RABBIT!!!"  She went through several fosters, and I got her when she was returned from an adoption for "aggression".  I suspect that in this case "aggression" meant "she won't put up with being carried around like a rag doll" or something like that.  In this photo she is a bit dubious about the flashy thing I am pointing at her, but once she determined that it was unlikely to pet her or produce treats she promptly ignored it and went back to stretching out in the hallway like a furry little speed bump.

She is pretty much free-range in my condo, just as Pepper was, with the exception of the office (full of wires) and the bedroom - she is still a bit nibbly around pillows and cushions, and I'd rather my feather bed stay intact for now.  She is a fearless climber, and has repeatedly summitted Mount Radiator (by way of the Back Of The Couch route).  She's not fond of being handled for grooming, etc, but while she will struggle to get free she has never bitten me.  She likes to hop up on the couch and be petted, and will race down the hallway (often colliding with my legs) when it's pellet time.  Her favorite toy ever is an acrylic Christmas ornament that she found behind the couch - it's shiny and round so it's great for rolling but it also has a handy stem for throwing or removing from corners.

So, I'm back, and life (with bunnies) goes on.  I'm hoping to visit more regularly from now on.

User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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5/09/2012 1:58 PM
Such a great name!! And such a pretty Satin bunny!

User is Offline bunnyfriend
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5/09/2012 2:55 PM
I'm sorry about Pepper, it sounds like you guys both fought hard and that you did everything you could for her.

Winslet is gorgeous!!! Bhaha that picture of her with the ornament is adorable.
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User is Offline wendyzski
Chicago, IL
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5/09/2012 5:50 PM
Here is a VERY dark video of her playing with it.  I'm still working on the whole "dim house, dark run, black bunny" photography thing.

I was devastated when Pepper died - she was my first real pet with more personality than a hamster.  But we had a good run - she was pretty much the posterbun for VPI, and we had reached the point where she needed antibiotic injections 2-3 times a week.  Otherwise she was a happy and active bunbun, who slept under my bed every night.  She fought a great fight - and I wish I'd been able to be there with her at the end, but I adore every vet and tech at that practice and I know that they did everything possible.  They even threw in the necropsy for free, which really eased my mind.  Several of the techs called me or send cards, and I have a lock of her hair and her pawprint in a shadowbox with her pictures.

If Pepper was a scrappy bulldog bunny, Winslet is an elegant greyhound.  She is sleek and shiny, which makes it even more funny when she runs around the kitchen grunting and honking like a small pig when it's time for pellets.  She is entirely black except for the skin around her eyes and inside her ears, which is pale grey.  She also has darker grey fur on the bottoms of her feet, and those black nails that are so hard to cut properly.

I had a friend sleeping on my couch the other night, in the midst of a trip to a relative's wedding.  Winslet allowed herself to be petted, but was rather wary - perhaps because Donna smelt of cats.  Donna also snores a bit, which occasioned a bit of thumping in the hallway until I came out for some reassuring pettins.  But the next day when I got home, there was a small pile of 4-5 poops on the floor right in front of the couch.  "OK, you can pet me.  But no staying.  This place is MINE"

User is Offline Sarita
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5/10/2012 2:15 AM
It's good to hear from you again. I had wondered how Pepper was faring and I'm so sad to hear she is gone. There is no doubt she would have gotten as far in life as she had without your dedication and love. It's hard when our special ones have passed on.

Pepper is stunning! Lucky bunny to have you in her life - she will never want for anything again. I do love the story of the neighborhood calling the cops - weird how much they loved having her around but no one took her in - I guess that is because most people who have never had rabbits don't understand that being out on the streets for a domestic rabbit is not the same as a wild rabbit - pretty common misunderstanding since some people just cannot wrap their heads around the difference.

User is Offline bunnyfriend
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5/10/2012 4:23 PM

Hahaha I enjoyed the video it's adorable 

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User is Offline mocha200
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5/11/2012 6:37 AM
I am sorry to hear about Pepper! You took great care of her though! I am glad you now have another bunny to rule your home!

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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5/11/2012 9:42 AM
It's great to hear from you, but I am so sad that Pepper passed. She was one special rabbit. Your new gal sounds like she's fitting right in!
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User is Offline wendyzski
Chicago, IL
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5/13/2012 4:46 PM
Winslet taught me to play Soccer the other day.  She was nosing a ping-pong ball around the kitchen, and it got away from her for a bit.  So I gently shoved it back in her direction with a foot.  She ran to meet it and rolled it back to me!  This went on for about 5 minutes, until she decided she'd had enough and headed for the litterbox.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
Forum Leader
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5/14/2012 1:11 AM
Im very sorry to hear about Pepper. She was very lucky to have you as her family.

Its great to hear from you again and Im very glad you found another special bunny to love. Winslet is gorgeous. I love her name.
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User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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5/23/2012 6:31 PM
Wendy! I'm happy to see you here again. : ) your new bun-girl is lovely. Good on you for fostering and also adopting.

I'm sad too to hear about Pepper but she really did live a good life with you. I loved her spunk!
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