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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > My experience bonding my TRIO!
Last Post by LittlePuffyTail at 3/15/2012 3:41 AM (1 Replies)
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3/14/2012 5:16 PM

 So i got a request to share my bonding story and give any helpful hints to you all who are trying to bond trios. My 2 males actually bonded on their own as we got them from my friend who no longer could care for them. They were first stressed in the car because we lived almost an hour away, so that helped a lot. Being a whole new area, they explored together and instantly became best friends! Both were already neutured so no fighting or anything aggressive occured! Because they were doing so well living together and the space that we have, I researched A LOT about getting a 3rd bun. I read about it was a bad idea bringing in another bunny to an already bonded pair and how it could possibly break up my 2 boys. I read more stories about unsuccesful bonds than succesful ones. Having that in mind, I went to a shelter and decided to 'test waters.' At the shelter we did 20-30 minute dates each (bonding sessions) with 3 females and 1 male. My boys have never been outside on the grass so it was really stressful for them. Their were no fights but, I felt as they were more scared than trying to get along with a new bunny. Because we were just seeing how it would go, we left the shelter without a new bunny. I decided to try again a few weeks after at a different shelter. I wasn't able to bring my boys so without them it was actually different. I saw a dwarf mix female that I instantly fell in love with.. because my boys weren't there when we got her, all I could do was hope for the best and pray that they would like her. We brought my boys' travel cage, travel litter box and some toys as well. That's where we put her in. It took me around an hour to get home. When we arrived home, I left her in that cage for a little and introduced her to my boys' main area while she was still in that cage. My 2 boys have an extra large cage and a x-pen for their living space. They sniffed her and vice versa. I had an emergency to tend to so I left her in that cage next to my boys' pen so they could get used to the smell of eachother. I was gone for about an hour or 2 and when I got home i introduced them to eachother for the first time in a neutural area. I placed them on my bathroom floor with some new rugs, new toys, and a new bowl of veggies. My 2 boys actually started mounting her which is perfectly fine. My new girl was being very submissive when they did mount her. My boys took turns mounting her, lol but my new girl didn't do anything. She didn't chase them or showed any signs of aggression towards them when they did do that. To my surprise, It was actually LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT After my boys mounted her, their was INSTANT GROOMING!!! I was actually speechless and wasn't expecting this at all! So, I guess I got lucky!! Because they did so good for their first time meeting eachother, she stayed in my boys' main area but locked up inside their extra large cage while my boys were out in the pen. Another reason why they got along fairly quickly is because, I'm home all the time. Even though they got along real well when they first met, there were a few complications where they actually fought. Both of my boys each fought with her and then all 3 fought together. I was just about to give up and give her back to the shelter (they said we could if things did not work out) I didn't want to take her back because they were only together for a week, and it takes longer than that. So, I didn't give up. Everyday, I stressed them out in different ways. 1. In a box on top of the dryer and 2. Car rides. Because of them being stressed, they would be cuddled inside the box. After stressing them out, I would put them in a whole new neutural area. As I mentioned I'm home all the time, my bonding sessions were fairly long. I even did a whole day once. I was constant and did this everyday. Consistency is key to a successful bond. They no longer fought and kept improving as I did this everyday. I started to trust them and even left the room to go downstairs real quick with them being together. It's been a month now and I can happily say they are fully bonded now. I no longer have to seperate her when I go to sleep knowing all 3 are bonded  So, that's my story! If you have an questions about bonding a trio, please feel free to ask me! I am PROOF that it CAN be successful! 


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3/15/2012 3:41 AM
Thanks so much for sharing.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > My experience bonding my TRIO!

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