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Last Post by Stickerbunny at 2/24/2012 6:16 PM (26 Replies)
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User is Offline Sam and Lady's Human
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2/11/2012 10:32 AM
I don't know how you introduced them, but maybe start from scratch and just go much slower? I have a similar situation, we took out the pens completely and just split up the house (so there's a gate in the hallway, basically) and both litter habits are at 100% here too, for the first time ever with Lady. They also both seem much happier, I got kisses from Sam for the first time in months last night (she basically lives in our room, + access to kids room and hallway), and Lady does crazy binkies all over. Plus during their bonding sessions, they are so much more relaxed, and I can actually get about an hour before one or the other heads for the gate to go home.

Whats also funny is Sam refuses to use the litter box in her corner of the room and instead uses the one in the bathroom Makes me laugh.

I hope they do bond, but I think maybe some buns just take longer and you have to go with their personalities. Stressing was making things so much worse, and that seems to be the same with your buns.

User is Offline Stickerbunny
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2/11/2012 10:41 AM
Well, thing is, they were already completely bonded AND living together full time for 6 months. I haven't tried rebonding yet, i'm letting them have space for now, though they can still meet through a baby gate some during the day. Figure i'll start them on bonding sessions in a week or so... though honestly if it doesn't go well, I might just let them both be single, they seem a lot happier not sharing space. Stickers has her bed all the way she likes it, without him messing it up, he has my bed. lol

User is Offline Hazel
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2/14/2012 1:15 PM
Don't give up too quickly. I had a pair of two bonded males (neutered). They were the best of friends, usually, but every other year or so they would have a fallout. From one day to the other they were mortal enemies for no reason that I could figure out. Their fights were serious, fur flying etc. Every time that happened I separated them for maybe 2 weeks. They were still in the same room together, but with rotating playtime. After a couple of weeks they would decide (again, very suddenly) that they were over their feud and everything went back to normal. I realize that this isn't necessarily "normal" behavior for a bonded pair, but I'm hoping yours will get over it just the same
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User is Offline Stickerbunny
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2/20/2012 7:28 AM
*shrug* I can't figure them out. I don't know if Powder said something like "you're starting to look fat" or what but Stickers thumps, grunts and attacks him if she so much as sees him anywhere in the house, it's like a dog with a high prey drive trying to get at him instead of a rabbit that used to beg grooms off him every night. And Powder refuses to accept it lying down now, last time I let them together he fought back and she ended up running from HIM as he was nipping her (he's a lot bigger ).

So... i'm thinking of setting up a safe x-pen run in the living room for her, so she can be around the family and away from him and I can take it down when she's in her room to save space. She has tons of room in there, being the master bedroom, we bought her a red carpet so she can do zoomies and binkies safely (the flooring is wood).

User is Offline Stickerbunny
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2/23/2012 7:28 AM
Yesterday they were at the baby gate together and not trying to kill each other - so I let them meet and... SUCCESS.. sorta. lol Powder is chasing her trying to hump her (like when I first bonded them) and she's running cause she doesn't want him to. So they are back to day 1 of being strangers, apparently. Rabbits are such weird animals, they act like everything good and bad has been forgotten. lol

User is Offline bunnyfriend
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2/24/2012 5:45 PM

Progress! Even if it's not much at least they aren't attacking each other 

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User is Offline Stickerbunny
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2/24/2012 6:16 PM
Yeah. It only took a week and a half to bond them from this point first time, so fingers crossed.
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