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Last Post by Kokaneeandkahlua at 11/22/2011 5:46 PM (9 Replies)
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User is Offline Estecca
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11/12/2011 11:33 AM

We have a huge problem with mice in our apartment and my dwarf rabbit Ray lives in his x-pen in the living room and is frequently let out to play when someone can supervise. We had only seen mice in the kitchen and bathroom, so I wasn't too worried about Ray and the mice, but he is in his x-pen currently and I just watched a mouse run right in. I scared it off, but I am really worried about him at night with his cage and pen on the floor, both easily penetrable by these tiny grubby mice. We are having no luck trying to get rid of them, they're so small they can run right over the traps without setting them off. What can I do to ensure the safety of my rabbit? Am I paranoid to worry about them interacting with him at all, and possible disease contraction?

User is Offline Mandyyy
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11/12/2011 11:39 AM
It's a myth and stereotype that rats and mice are ridden with diseases. Honestly, I love both rodents (wild or captive) but I would rather have mice in my house, less destructive and rats have been known to hurt bunnies. Mice are very timid and scare easily.

Some humane remedies are, sprinkle black pepper around. They hate it. I also know someone who put Ferret poo (in plastic cups) around their attic to keep mice away (Fun fact, they used ferrets as rodent catchers before cats). Also, I just heard of these"vermin" things that you plug into the wall and it keeps bugs and rodents away. It doesnt hurt them, just scares them away. I heard they work really well.
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User is Offline Stickerbunny
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11/12/2011 11:46 AM
Mint oil is another thing mice hate - you can just pepper mint essential oil and soak cotton balls in it to place around where they are coming in (just don't let bun nibble on them). Also, you can set up humane mouse traps which detect motion inside of it so their weight shouldn't be an issue with those.

User is Offline Estecca
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11/12/2011 12:10 PM
I was going to get an ultrasonic plug-in thing but the waves are detectable to rabbits, as I read, so that's a no-go. I guess I'll sprinkle some pepper. I was more worried about my rabbit than getting rid of the mice in the first place, we're working on plugging up holes and mouse-proofing.

User is Offline Estecca
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11/12/2011 12:11 PM
As long as he isn't in danger, I will be far less concerned.

User is Offline Mandyyy
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11/12/2011 12:35 PM

Oh, do they? Sorry. I wasn't aware. I was told about those on FB when someone was getting rid of mice.
I just grown so much more respect for this site, btw. I was part of another rabbit forum and someone had a mouse problem and when I pipped in with my humane remedies (while everyone else was like KILL!) I was talked down to, and they got ridiculous, like talking about how rats "carry the plague" (when they obviously don't). :/
I'm glad I see other people who don't want to kill them or hurt them.

We had a mouse problem in my basement. We fixed up all the holes too, then caught the remaining mice with a have-a-heart trap and then let them go (usually 2 or more at a time) in the woods. It worked for us.

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The Vegan Cowgirl.

User is Offline Estecca
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11/12/2011 4:30 PM
I absolutely do not like killing things! I respect any methods of humanely dealing with mice. Unfortunately I live in the city, so catching them humanely like I originally hoped and releasing them a ways away won't work since they won't survive anyway. I think if we can block off most of the holes they'll at least stay out of our unit, even if they scurry around the rest of our building.

User is Offline Kafrn
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11/15/2011 9:10 PM
As stickerbunny mentioned, Peppermint oil is HIGHLY effective on cotton buds, but it has to be high menthol. Its the menthol that the moce hate. If its only low menthol the mice will actually eat it
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User is Offline Dee
Upton, MA
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11/21/2011 1:42 PM
I'm so glad I read this- I never heard of using black pepper or mint oil to repell mice! We have had problems with them in our house, but currently the issue is with our antique car. It's a '35 Ford that my husband put together himself so it's his baby, but we have to keep it in one of those tent style garages, so mice are starting to take up residence in it. That doesn't make Rick (husband) too happy... but we still don't like killing anything. In the house, we just set 2 or 3 of those live traps and they stay there unharmed until we release them. In the summer it was ridiculous for a while- we were catching at least 2 every night. And I felt bad letting them sit there all night, so at 1, 2, 3AM I would grab the traps and take off in my car to let them go near the town forest. The neighbors must have wondered about my sanity- not for the first time, I'm sure :p .
I guess of all the rodents we could have in the house, mice are the least threatening. We have flying squirrels and an occasional grey/red squirrel in our walls and ceilings in the cool weather and it's really scary sometimes. They sound like they're gonna come right through the ceiling. I really worry about the bunnies getting hurt if they get in the house. So we put Havahart traps up in the ceiling and catch/release them and hope they never make it into the inside of the house.

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
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11/22/2011 5:46 PM
If it were me, I would have someone in to examine the house and find out how they are getting in. Then stop up that hole. No matter what you do, if they have a way in they will come back.

Now I ditto-they are not inherently diseased but certainly all wild animals could transmit disease. So caution.

I would then, if it were me, buy humane traps, and trap and release. Depending on how many perhaps more than one trap is needed. It's up to you if you go for non live trapping but if I could say that sticky traps are to be avoided and if you want a non live trap the traditional spring bar are preferable as the intent is a quick and painless exit. That said-extreme caution when laying any trap-as you have a furbaby who could also end up hurt!

Good luck!
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