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Last Post by (dig)x(me)x(now) at 10/28/2011 3:57 AM (15 Replies)
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User is Offline Lis
Hampton Roads
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10/17/2011 1:36 PM

 We lost Cortana today. IDK how. She was eating and drinking, and last night she was running around playing (she only gets evening run times). It's so heart breaking, losing Link in July and Cortana just 3 months later, 2 months after adopting her.

I love the Flemmies, and want another someday, but I don't know if I have the balls to get another. I drove to NJ to get her, and that little demon is whispering in my ear "her babies may still be there, they're up on petfinder" (but she's still up on petfinder, too). But IDK if I could stand more heartache like this. In the past 1 1/2 years, I've lost 3 rabbits, and I don't have many of them. Am I cursed or something? I love the breed, but I can't do this like this.


User is Offline bunnyfriend
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10/17/2011 1:47 PM
I'm very sorry, especially for the recent losses ): I know it's very easy blame yourself but I'm sure you took good care of her. *Binky Free Cortana*
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User is Offline Sam and Lady's Human
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10/17/2011 1:51 PM
Are you going to have them do a autopsy? So sad she died so soon!! :'(

User is Offline Sarita
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10/17/2011 2:20 PM
Oh hugs to you Lis. I'm so sorry, it's just so sad. Last year I lost 4 rabbits (but I had many) and it was difficult. It definitely wears your heart out. Hugs.

User is Offline Sarita
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10/17/2011 2:25 PM

Lis, it makes me wonder if perhaps they have heart problems...I don't know and it's hard to detect with rabbits. Just a thought.

User is Offline AbbyGirl
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10/17/2011 2:50 PM
Lis, I am so sorry. I lost my first Flemmie after only having him 6 weeks. My thoughts are with you.
No, you aren't cursed. Yes, unfortunately Flemish Giants are prone to heart problems/heart disease and joint issues being a bigger breed and these things are VERY hard to detect or happen suddenly.

User is Offline Lis
Hampton Roads
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10/17/2011 4:39 PM
I can't afford a necropsy, and my dad already buried her for me, next to Link and Stormy. I'd rather not know anyway.
Although it does eat at me, not knowing. At least with Link we KNEW why he passed and we knew we were giving him the best possible treatment for his conditions. With her, we have no idea why.
HJ thinks the area where they live in my basement has something wrong with it. But we've had rabbits since before I was born, and the majority of them have lived in that area of the basement. We've never had these issues. He kept telling me "but why else would Link and Cortana die so close together?" He completely overlooks the fact that Link died because he was really sick - from EC, which he was probably exposed to at his breeder's.

User is Offline bunnyfriend
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10/17/2011 5:41 PM

Has your basement been tested for radon? Mold is also a possibility. [I know it's not likely but it's a possibility]. I understand what you mean about not really wanting to know. 

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User is Offline lashkay
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10/17/2011 6:10 PM
I'm very sorry for your loss, and I hope you heal quickly. HEALING VIBES

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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10/18/2011 3:33 AM
I'm so sorry. Hugs to you. It is so hard to lose a bun, but two in a short time... :o(

(((Binky Free Cortana)))

I can't tell you the number of times I've heard of Flemish Giants passing away at a young age. I've long suspected that there's something going on with Flemmies in this country. As mentioned, it could be heart problems due to being such a large breed, or it could be unscrupulous breeding practices surrounding a "high demand" breed. And even "rescued" buns came from a breeder originally, so unfortunately, they are not immune to some of these issues. I love Flemmies, I love the idea of a giant rabbit, but I'm not sure I'd want one for these very reasons. I would not blame you if you chose to not pursue another.

I know it's still too soon, but I just want you to keep in mind that you can get large rabbits that are a more "resilient" breed... New Zealands, for example.
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User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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10/18/2011 5:02 AM
Oh Lis!

I'm so sorry. I'm thankful she had a happy home before she left instead of being in a shelter.

***Binky Free Beautiful Cortana!***
Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.

User is Offline Lis
Hampton Roads
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10/18/2011 7:34 AM
We haven't tested for radon since I was a baby (I'm 22) and we're in a zone with high levels. I never thought of that. Especially since in recent years, there's been two earthquakes we could feel; the most recent one damaged buildings in DC. I'm going to ask my parents about it.

User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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10/18/2011 11:20 AM
I am so sorry to hear about Cortana. I know how heartbroken you are, and send {{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}.

I wouldn't assume blame for her passing, though I do think having the house tested for radon is an excellent idea for all of you, not just because of this. It could save your family if it turned out to be the case.

I am more inclined to agree that it is a genetically caused issue in the breed, and the bunnies probably have been too inbred.
When you are ready for another, Beka's suggestion of a large breed but maybe not a Flemmie is a good one.
I would suggest visiting your local shelters and look for a very large, healthy bunny over a year old. That would probably be a mixed breed since a breeder would reject some and they can get other strains in the mix. But it could add an element of health that a purebred Flemmie might be missing, so you might find a beautiful large bunny waiting for a good life with you.

I know you're not ready yet, but it could save a life when you are.
Binky Free, Cortana. ;(
SPIKE, my snuggle bunny (aka Spikey Marbles)

User is Offline TriBun
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10/19/2011 12:59 PM
Oh my gosh! It was such a shock to read this, I did a double take *not Cortana*. It was like yesterday that you were choosing names for her. I am so sorry, this must be a very difficult time for you. Sending hugs and healing vibes to you

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
Forum Leader
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10/21/2011 2:35 PM
I'm sorry. We lost Kokanee suddenly as well and it was just heartbreaking. I still torture myself over her, and wish I'd done so many things differently-necropsy, cremation-but I just lost it. I was frantic-totally frantic. I totally understand that sudden awfulness. I very much agree, it does sound like a heart problem, a genetic heart abnormality comes on suddenly, it happens in people more often than you'd think and it makes so much sense. (Though testing your house for Radon is good-it's harmful to people too) I'm so sorry you had such a terrible loss, but know that your bunnies are up at the Rainbow Bridge healthy and whole and looking down on you. **Binky Free Cortana**

User is Offline (dig)x(me)x(now)
San Diego, Calif.
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10/28/2011 3:57 AM
Man, I'm heartbroken to hear you had to go through this again. Binky Free! My thoughts are with you, Lis.

Rachel & Frankie
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