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Last Post by MayaConsuelo at 9/26/2011 3:32 PM (8 Replies)
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User is Offline MayaConsuelo
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9/22/2011 8:07 PM

OK, so as a mini Rex Mr. Bun-Bun has issues with his little tootsies. On his right foot the fur is usually rubbed off in spots, and I apply Bag Balm until it calms down and the fur grows back. I don't think he's ever had true sore hocks, the skin has never been split or infected or red. Just the fur is rubbed off.

However lately I noticed a little nub of skin on the SIDE of his foot. It's a round bump (not very big at all) with no fur on it, coming out of the side of his foot. Is this just an overgrown callus? He doesn't have one on the other side, I wonder if it's a reaction to the fur being rubbed off, and the Bag Balm? What should I do? It's pretty small right now so I can keep an eye on it. Does anyone else have experience with callus overgrowths on their bunny's feet??

Thanks for any comments, hope everyone is having a good night.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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9/23/2011 1:36 AM
Would it be possible for you to post a picture of what you're describing?
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User is Offline MayaConsuelo
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9/23/2011 5:43 AM

Hmmm I might be able to later. It's so hard to even get a look at it, with a little squirming rabbit :/

Today it looks kind of like a boil? But it doesn't feel soft at all, it's perfectly round. Maybe it's a sore or something. I put a little Neosporin on it and will keep doing that. If it gets smaller with Neosporin I'll ignore it, if it doesn't get any better or gets bigger I'll take him to the vet... guess he's due for a yearly exam anyway...

User is Offline jerseygirl
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9/23/2011 7:52 AM
Initially I thought maybe he's rub his foot against the condo grids to get a callous there. But since you've said it's like a boil, I'd be concerned about an abscess forming. Getting him looked at is good idea if he's due to go in.
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User is Offline MayaConsuelo
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9/23/2011 9:14 PM

Waaahhh... I came home from work and the sore is bigger   It looks like an ulcer or boil. Perfectly round and whitish colored. In the past when Bun-Bun's feet got raw or rubbed-off spots this never happened... so maybe it got irritated somehow (although it's on the inside of his foot which shouldn't come into contact with anything.)

I'm going to call the vet tomorrow (which I've never been to since I've only been in this city 3 months.) If a rabbit vet is there Sat. or Sun. I'll take him in... but there's a chance the rabbit person won't be in over the weekend. This is definitely not an emergency situation so I'm not going to worry but I want to help him out as soon as possible.

User is Offline cainan
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9/24/2011 3:00 AM
Oh Maya, Banner JUST had the same thing! (twice) ;(

It's on the inside of his left foot, where like our instep would be. It's definitely an abscess of some sort (well, Banner's was) They suspect he may have been allergic to his litter, but we're still waiting to see if that's the case. At first they thought it was just a puncture wound that went bad, but when it came back we've been trying other theories.

It's going to be fine but I would have it looked at sooner rather than alter My vet lanced it and gave him antibiotics. First time around I cleaned it every day and put neosporin on it but Banner is such a pain in the butt about being held that we didn't do it this time around (yay, no bite marks or scratches this time lol). Banner also hates metacam (go figure), but it definitely was hurting the poor guy.

If you are okay driving to NJ (you moved to NYC, right?) let me know and I'll put you in touch with my wonderful vet. It'd be a hike for you, but if you can't find someone you like/trust, it might be worth it! PM me if you want.

User is Offline MayaConsuelo
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9/24/2011 6:28 AM
Yeah, sounds the same. He might have scraped or nicked his foot on something, who knows. I'm applying neosporin twice a day but it's not doing anything. I couldn't find a rabbit specialist anytime soon (why is it so difficult in a big city?) but I'm taking him to a vet that treats rabbits. I figure it's a simple problem. I've lanced these on people (obviously not going to do it on my rabbit though!) But since it looks like a simple treatment I'll take him in now before it gets any worse, then if there are future problems (I hope not!) make an appointment with a rabbit specialist at the other clinic.

I could drive to NJ except I don't have any car insurance and can't risk a ticket! I think we're going to sell my car I really don't need it in the city.

Mr. Bun-Bun isn't in any pain and the sore is still small so I'm hoping this will fix the problem. I know it's an ongoing problem with rexes though... grrrr... glad to hear your bunny is doing well after his treatment!!

User is Offline cainan
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9/26/2011 5:51 AM
Thanks! I'm hoping that I don't have to take him in for another antibiotic shot though since I think that had something to do w/his almost statis bout!

If I can help w/the NYC/NJ thing ever just let me know, and let me know how Mr. Bun-Bun is doing!

User is Offline MayaConsuelo
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9/26/2011 3:32 PM
Well Mr. Bun-Bun's appointment went well. The doctor just popped it like a zit (gross haha) but then they shaved the fur and cleaned out the whole area. I got Baytril syringes to squirt in his mouth for 7 days and Gentocin spray to use on the wound twice a day. He should be fine.
I know people give their rabbits antibiotics all the time, are there any side effects? Every time I take antibiotics I get sick as hell (so I avoid them unless absolutely necessary!)
Also he's up to 3 pounds 7.5 ounces (up from 3.5 last year!) Little fatty LOL!
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