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Last Post by TriBun at 9/15/2011 11:57 AM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline Blackavar3
Edinburgh, Scotland
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9/12/2011 11:43 AM

Just wanted to post a bit of a tribute to Clarissa, our first bunny who sadly passed away on 31 August.

Clarissa was a bit of an accident; we never set out to have house rabbits. She was abandoned in a banana box outside my wife's former place of work (a homeless people's shelter in Scotland) on a Wednesday afternoon October 2005. We took her home with the intention of taking her to an animal shelter at the weekend, but we got far too attached to her, and instead went to the pet shop to spend a fortune on bunny gear.

In December 2005 we got her a friend, Leah, who passed in 2008. After Leah came Hazel who passed in June this year. Clarissa was best friends to both Leah and Hazel; while she always liked to think of herself as the top rabbit (being first and all that), she was very close to them and was never far from their sides. She was like a slightly wiser more sensible big sister to Leah and Hazel and I think they looked up to her.

She was a very chilled-out and friendly rabbit; although her face sometimes made her look a bit grumpy she really wasn't. Being albino ,we don' t think that sight was her greatest asset; she relied quite heavily on her sense of smell and multitude of whiskers to get about and investigate stuff. She liked nothing better than to wander over to investigate the paper or magazine you were reading on the floor and give it a good chew, or help out with the housework by folding the laundry. She used to go crazy for bananas, and once broke into our kitchen and tunnelled her way through a bag of rubbish to get to a half-eaten banana. She was very fond of our two young children who came along after she did, and loved to have her ears stroked.

We never knew how old she was; we think that she was at least a year when we found her so that would make her at least 7 when she died. She was a tough old rabbit, having got through more than a few incidents of GI stasis but in the end it was a tumour that finally got her. I hope that she's fully rejuvinated to the sprightly young bunny she once was, and is boinging around with Hazel and Leah at Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Clarissa, sadly missed.

Tim, Ali, Ethan and Ella










User is Offline lashkay
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9/12/2011 7:00 PM
Clarissa was beautiful - both your bunnies are. Condolences on your loss - healing vibes that your grief gives way soon to only happy memories of the good times.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
Forum Leader
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9/13/2011 2:18 AM
My most sincere condolences on the loss of Clarissa. She was truly a beautiful bunny and how lucky she was to have a family who loved her so much. It hurts so very much to lose such a special friend.

(((((Binky Free Clarissa)))))))
Proud to be a Bunny Hugger and a voice for the voiceless

User is Offline bunnyfriend
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9/13/2011 4:23 PM

I am very sorry about Clarissa. Thank you for finding her and saving her from a not so good life. She was lucky you took such good care of her. Binky free Clarissa!

RIP Tigger          RIP Wilbur           RIP Totoro

User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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9/14/2011 5:58 AM
Thank you for sharing more about her with us. She sounded (and looks!) like a complete love. I hope now your sadness is starting to ease and those fond memories of Clarissa, Leah and Hazel are bringing frequent smiles.
Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.

User is Offline TriBun
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9/15/2011 11:57 AM
What a wonderful tribute to your special girl. Such a beautiful bunny, and yes, she does look a bit grumpy

I am truly sorry for your loss.
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