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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > I cant find hay !
Last Post by Beka27 at 10/29/2012 3:28 AM (53 Replies)
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User is Offline mybunniesneedyourhelp
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4/27/2011 7:46 AM
can i give this to my bunnies for them to chew?

User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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4/27/2011 7:48 AM
I wouldn't.. It looks like it has been treated with chemicals. Have you tried a willow ball?

User is Offline mybunniesneedyourhelp
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4/27/2011 8:27 AM
try to look tomorrow in stores. My rabbit dont play their toys except for the tunnel that i made for them.

User is Offline peppypoo
Forum Leader
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4/27/2011 8:38 AM
I think most bunnies don't like toys that you buy your money and don't buy toys at pet stores. They are very happy with leftover clean cardboard and blocks of wood, which is very cheap.
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User is Offline charcoal's mom
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4/27/2011 11:44 PM
I don't think the sepak takraw ball is a good idea, it's often lacquered. Toys in Filipino petstores are either for dogs or cats, size-wise and material-wise, not suitable for rabbits.

My bunny likes the toilet paper cardboard roll, anything that they can nibble safely on. I stuff it with hay and a few pelllets, makes a bit of a mess because she tries to get them out by tossing it around, but it keeps her occupied. But at this time, babies likes to sleep eat sleep eat sleep... so don't force them to play if they don't want to, just give them space to run about, soon they'll just flop and lay there relaxed --- they're happy.

User is Offline mybunniesneedyourhelp
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4/29/2011 11:38 PM
ok.back to the topic..we have straw here, is it alright for my rabbits to eat this.?

User is Offline tobyluv
South Carolina
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4/30/2011 6:33 PM
No, straw is not okay to feed to rabbits.

Here is what Susan Brown, DVM, a leading veterinarian who specializes in small animals, says about straw.

"Do not feed straw. Straw is devoid of most nutrients and although it is not harmful in small amounts, it will lead to serious nutritional deficiencies if it is a major part of the rabbit diet."

User is Offline Dr.lo
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5/12/2011 9:48 PM

Hi, this is my first time to post anything on this forum. I also live in the philippines and I am horrified by people who goes to the pet shop looking at those poor little bunny and just buy them without thinking of the future. Rabbit are not a toys and its not because they are cheap to buy that you wont spend a lot of money later on. I bought my female rabbit here at a pet shop because a kid wanted to buy her and leave her outside inside a cage, so I stepped in and bought it. You have to realise that bunny/rabbit are not dog or cat and can't handle the heat very well. Therefore imagine the weather here in the philipines.....

When I took her home, she was sick and had a severe diareha, no savy vet around so I start looking on the internet for some help. I didn't know how much work and how much knowledge was around rabbit. Now she is 7 months and very healthy. She live indoor and all of the Oxbow and timothy hay come from Europe where I place an order every 6 months just for her and get a Balikbayan box.

Pellet should be fed only for bunny, as soon as they reach adult, the pellet should be remove completely due to the high amount of Alfafa and calcium. Rabbit need a low calcium diet to avoid any issue. No tap water unless you live in a clean country which is not the case in Asia. Someone mentionned the diet of spinach and water, this is so wrong... Rabbit should be fed unlimited amount of hay, fresh water changed twice a day, slowly introduce the vegi one by one after 3 months of age. The rabbit under 3 months are not adept to process vegi because they are separated from their mom too early. Carrot is consider as a treat and should be given only once a week and small amount due to sugar content.

There is a great website where they explain everything about rabbit from A to Z its called the house rabbit society.

Also rabbit should be given every month a shot of Stronghold/ Selamectin 60g that you can buy from the Animal house here in Manila.

Rabbit are not toys, they are living animal and please dont buy them just because they are cute. This is lifetime purchase, as to know rabbit can live up to 7-8 years old.

I hope I have helped some of us here to take great care of our rabbit.

User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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5/12/2011 9:56 PM
I would have to disagree with removing all pellets, unless advised by a vet due to health problems, or other issues. Pellets should only be given in small amounts once a rabbit has reached adult age, or otherwise by a vet. Pellets provide vitamins and nutrients for rabbits.

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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5/13/2011 9:44 PM

 Dr. Lo.--- Welcome and thank you for helping a fellow member out.. I am sure it is extremely difficult to find the best care there,  and it sounds like you really try - even if you have to order from a European based store. You set a wonderful example!!  

I do understand where LoveChaCha is coming from.   My bunnies are on a pelletless diet that was recommended  by my vet for medical reasons, however my vet did recommend that when I did go pelletless, that my bunnies get a large variety of greens and they were allowed more carrots to make up for their lack of fat and calorie intake due to zero pellets. 

In general though it seems that HRS does recommend even small amounts of pellets  Check out this article about pellet nutrition.


User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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5/13/2011 9:48 PM
I read in the "Rabbit Nutritional and Nutritional healing" book that if a rabbit were to go pelletless, they would need a lot of different vegetables to get the nutrients that pellets give. really good book

User is Offline charcoal's mom
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5/28/2011 9:21 AM

 @Dr.Lo  Potable water, and yes that includes tap water, in Davao City is considered one the cleanest water in the world.. so don't lose hope about OUR 3rd world country... 

I'm not sure, I'm not an expert, but I think the "water spinach" mentioned was Ipomoea aquatica or what you may know as Kangkong? Although it's called "spinach" or "cabbage" is not actually such nor even remotely related to the usual spinach and cabbages. Interesting about this is a lot of scientific and economic studies considered feeding kangkong to rabbits is beneficial for the rabbit and the breeder. It's been a practice of rabbit growers throughout the Asian region for a very long time.
"Water spinash is palatable to rabbits (Doan Thi Gang et al., 2006) but the leaves are more easily eaten than the stems (Hongthong Phimmmasan et al., 2004). In rabbits fed a concentrate diet, fresh water spinach resulted in a slightly higher intake and daily gain (21.9 g/d) than sweet potato vines (Ipomoea batatas). The best performances were obtained when adding Guinea grass (Megathyrsus maximus) to sweet potato vines, water spinash or a mixture of both forages, though the digestibility of the diets was lower (Doan Thi Gang et al., 2006).  Rabbits fed only on fresh water spinach gained 18.1 g/d (Hongthong Phimmmasan et al., 2004)."
Charcoal lala-loves kangkong and zero issues on poop or pee. I'm thankful she's not too fickle about food else it will break my bank. 
Sir, there is a reputable hay supplier from Singapore: Brio-life(that is if you can't stand local distributors or horse stable fares)...  and they can ship to the Philppines lesser postage fee and you won't have to wait for 6 months for your balikbayan box.
I think US rabbits are bred and fed differently from local rabbits her in the Philippines. They eventually evolved to adapt to the place where they are reared.
with that done...
OMG! I've been uber busy the past weeks, it's crazy!!! Down time with Charcoal is the only thing that's keeping me sane! 
She has grown so big and loves exploring... I should've called her Dora instead. 
@Chacha Charcoal waves hello! 

User is Offline LaLachuo
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10/29/2012 2:18 AM

hi. where can i find a vet that neuter or spay a rabbit in phil. or someone know a vet that spay/neuter a rabbit in mindanao area?? and is there a mindanao based pet shop that ship hay and rabbit needs?

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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10/29/2012 3:28 AM
Welcome to BB LaLachuo!

We ask that you do not bump up old threads. Feel free to start a new thread.
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