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Last Post by Riley at 5/08/2011 6:41 PM (12 Replies)
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User is Offline Charity
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3/29/2011 9:55 AM


On a fateful day in November I walked into a Petco with my Mini-Rex Orio to buy some feed and meet Karen the local Bunny Magic representative.  Setting Orio on the table, I held onto his harness tie and started to get acquainted with Karen. As we spoke, a chubby little Tort Holland Lop hopped over to Orio and snuggled up as if he had belonged there all his life. Karen and I watched in wonder as the two new buddies sat peacefully side by side. 
Karen told me his name was Bambi and that he had been surrendered to the shelter at four months old because the previous holder had found out she was pregnant. I hadn’t been looking for another rabbit, and really wasn’t sure about having two, but watching them together, I knew I couldn’t let that pass by. Karen turned to me and said, Keep him for a week, and see if he fits in. By the end of day two, as she knew it would be, my heart was won.  I changed his name to Max, and he became a forever home for my love and adoration.
I will never forget his loving kindness, or his hilarious antics. From a greet at the door by "dancing" little love circles (although he was altered), to the binkies and bunny “Zoomies”, or even  combing through my hair on nights we were snuggled up in bed. I will never forget the first time he asked me to play tag, or the way he licked my face after scaring me half to death in a game of "chase" only he knew we were playing while I lay on the carpet reading to him. Twice I came home to find only his butt and back legs stuck out of the hay and kibble keeper, munching to his hearts delight, pieces of the bag strown everywhere.He loved to eat, and often mumbled and grunted his way through any offered meal and any bunny happy snacks.
He also loved to "fold clothes" and decorate. He had ideas about everything! From where litter boxes and natty towels should go, including the day he thought I should really do something about our green tiled linoleum bathroom floor.  He was so proud to show me his "handy work" which included several linoleum squares he thought looked better pulled up and jammed around the bottom of our toilet!  Max also specialized in CD organization and would often ‘help’ me by tossing my business media into different piles while ‘we’ took inventory.
He never met a barrier or carrier he liked, chewing through two baby gates and three bunny bags before I finally gave up and had to just shut the door on his room if he needed to be safe while I vacuumed and cleaned. As for the bunny bags... we finally met an extra large striped ferret carrier that was immune to his teeth of bunny steel.
Two moves and a lot of life and love latter, Max found himself rooming with me and Orio in an upstairs room at my brother’s house. Nights were spent cuddling and days were spent lounging in a large habitat set up just for him. (Orio lived in the habitat above… they never bonded)
Late December of last year I came home to a sight no bunny lover ever wants to see: my sweet brown baby Max had a runny nose. After a vet visit the nightmare diagnosis was confirmed, it was Snuffles. Many visits and antibiotics later, he never recovered his spunk, preferring to lay with us, and run around the floor or lay underneath his habitat. After being his now usual self last Saturday morning, eating and all, when I fed him that night, he refused his offered salad and oats, and did something I had never seen him do- he laid down in his food. When I picked him up his legs lagged down and by morning, there was not even a response to the syringe feedings. I called every emergency vet I could, no one had a doctor, and I knew deep inside that my baby was going to go home.  There was hope against hope, but inside, I knew.  I decided to take him to Karen, which was an hour away. I held him and stroked his face and back for the ride, and I truly believe he held on as long as he could. When we got to Karen’s, I handed her to him, she held him and loved him, and within moments, he left us.  
Few other times in my life have I ever been that devastated in a moment, as when I held him for the last time. The only assurance I have is that God arranged it so that he was with the people who loved him best, Karen, myself, and my partner Christopher. Moments after his passing, we held him and each other all at once, and cried. I loved him deeply, and still do, and I know it is the same for Karen and Christopher.
I laid him to rest beneath a beautiful flower garden, and my mother has planted small purple perennials to cover his spot. Soon, I will add a stone rabbit for a headstone. 
Max- you have my heart love, and you always will. 

User is Offline bunnyluvr
Houston, TX
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3/29/2011 10:35 AM
What a beautiful but sad story. You brought tears to my eyes. Little Max sounds like he was quite the character and a pure joy to be around. Binky Free sweet Max!!
In loving memory of my sweet, precious little buns - Bunny (Bunny-boo), Bugs (Bug-a-lugs), Flopsy (Flopsy-wopsy) and my little angel girl Boogity (Boogie-girl)

User is Offline Cheddar33
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3/30/2011 11:44 AM
Your story was so touching. I hate reading these posts since they always make me tear, but this one was beautiful. Condolences to you and Orio.
The tide always turns.

User is Offline kralspace
West, Texas
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3/30/2011 12:51 PM

I am so very sorry for your loss, Max sounds like he was a most unique little soul and had a wonderful home. Somethings are just meant to be. It was a beautiful story and I hope to hear more about Max and Orio when you feel like it.

Binky Free, Max



My Bunny Burrow is full! Pringles & Toby, Daisy & Lola, and my senior citizens Hershey & Simba.
The piggies are back, add Brownie and Sweetpea to the mix.

User is Offline lashkay
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3/30/2011 2:02 PM
My deep condolences. You and Max and Orio are in my prayers and thoughts. I know you will be reunited with Max one day in the Heavenly pastures. Thanks for your beautiful sharing of your story.

User is Offline Charity
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3/31/2011 5:14 AM


Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and condolences. They are appreciated.

I logged in to share an experience I had this morning while dreaming that has brought me great deal of peace after struggling for the past few days with details and guilt that circumstances (late night weekend, no exotic Vets on call in the Richmond/Chesterfield/West end area that weekend night or Sunday morning, the fact that I searched through his meds to find even a drop of pain medication only to turn up with nothing left) had prevented him having any easing of pain, or possibly saving him. I have been very down about it, and missing Max terribly. Up until this, I couldn't bear the thought of storing away his habitat, water bowls, or toys (I buried him with his food dish and Karen wrapped him in his baby blanket). It just hurt too much to know I would never see another Binky from him in that pen when I got home.

People who are close to me know that I vividly lucid dream, I always have, and while I can think, see and at times alter my dream, I have never before had the sensation of touch or direct 'feeling' in a dream, which is why I feel so strongly that this dream was in fact not a dream at all, but something more.

I was sitting on my bed as it is now, watching Orio play, when I felt a gentle wieght and heat beside me. I would know that feeling anywhere and instead of looking down I looked at the pen that I knew wasn't there thinking, "He's gone... this cant be..." Where there should have only been one pen set up, as it is now, there was two. I looked down in disbelief to see Max snuggled next to me. I rubbed his face and back for as long as I could and I could feel his heat and fur, his life inside of him, and I put as much love as I could into those pets. After a few moments he quickly flipped his head to the side (his custom for kisses) and licked my hand and fingers. As he was doing this I felt a strong sensation that he was saying to me, "This wasnt your fault Mama, I love you so much"  After a moment more, I felt the 'goodbye' between us, and woke up with so much peace.

Please understand, while I am spiritual,  I am not a mystical sort of person and while I wanted to believe that pets move on to Heaven,  it isnt something that is really discussed in the Bible that I am aware of, so I really wasnt sure that pets move on in that way.  Yet after this, I am unable to say to that they dont.  I know I would never have seen him in that way if he was truely gone. It has been a great comfort to me, and I hope anyone reading this who has lost a bunny or other beloved pet can take comfort from it.

Thank you Max, Mama loves you sweetie Have fun boppin' around in Heaven!

User is Offline Charity
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3/31/2011 5:39 AM

Kathy, Thank you so much for lighting a candle for Max.

User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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4/01/2011 10:29 AM
I have no doubt Max will be binkying happily over the Bridge, waiting for the day you and Orio will join him again

User is Offline (dig)x(me)x(now)
San Diego, Calif.
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4/27/2011 8:28 AM
What a beautiful story. I am crying right now.

Binky free, Max.

Rachel & Frankie

User is Offline Sam and Lady's Human
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4/27/2011 5:35 PM
What a great story, I'm all tears as well. You were very blessed to have Max in your life, and how awesome of him to say goodbye in your dreams (((HUGS)))

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
Forum Leader
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4/28/2011 1:39 AM
I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Max. I'm crying're story was very touching. Thank you for sharing...I'm sure it was hard to write that but it was beautiful.

I've had similar dreams as you described after losing pets and I feel the same way. I'm also a frequent lucid dreamer and I always find meaning with everything that I dream. I believe there is a place where animals go and they wait for us...

((((Binky Free Max)))
My RB Babies....forever in my heart

User is Offline charcoal's mom
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5/01/2011 5:25 AM
Charcoal and I would like to give you our condolences. This is a very touching story...

I'm sure Max is in bunny heaven now...

User is Offline Riley
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5/08/2011 6:41 PM

Max sounds like he was a beautiful bunny. And had a very good life. I am so sorry.

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