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Last Post by Knabbel Did It at 3/31/2011 7:17 PM (16 Replies)
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User is Offline Rob K
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3/21/2011 5:42 PM


As I am a new bunny owner and have been using this forum to learn a lot, I thought I might introduce myself and my new rabbit.  My name is Rob.  My rabbit's name is Walter.  He is 2 years 4 months.  He has lived in a shelter his entire life so I am very glad that I get to have him.  The shelter told me it is because he is a black rabbit and most people want that stereotypical white one or other light colors.  Personally, I love his glossy black coat.  it has only been 1 week since I got him so I am still learning his psersonality.  However, he has been very chill.  Not tense or scared; he has even been bunny flopping and already lays around with his legs splayed.  He has small bursts of energy and I am trying to encourage more.  Once he gets out of the cage to look around, he seems to really love the space he has, as shown by the binkies. 

I think the fact that he has been shelter raised has accustomed him to two things:  Very little play time and a single level.  I built a NIC cage with 3 levels intially, but he stays on the first floor! He periscopes up to look at the second level but has not attempted there or anywhere else.  I will be building a ramp so he can explore more.  He also has a concrete form tubes, boxes, pieces of wood, and towels and cardboard galore.

I expect him to get even more friendly as we go along (he gets better every day) and am very happy to have him.  And i am glad to be here and hopefully learn some more good tips.




User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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3/22/2011 12:09 AM
He is a beautiful bunny!!! Welcome here and THANK YOU for adopting him!

Sadly, it is true that the all-black (and "REW" red-eyed white) bunnies get over-looked at shelters. BUT... their loss is your gain!
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User is Offline bunnyluvr
Houston, TX
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3/22/2011 7:41 AM
He is gorgeous! Reminds me of my sweet Boogie-girl who went to the bridge. Welcome!
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User is Offline Sarita
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3/22/2011 7:55 AM
Welcome Rob! I agree with Beka, their loss is your gain. He's a stunner and he sounds so happy to have a new home.

User is Offline lashkay
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3/22/2011 11:40 AM
Welcome! Walter is very gorgeous. I hope you and he have a long happy life together!

User is Offline grumpybun
North England, UK
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3/22/2011 11:41 AM
He's absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad to hear he's settling in.
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User is Offline Sonn
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3/22/2011 12:46 PM
Welcome! Congrats on your new bunny!

I am a big fan of his name =)

It's sad but true that all black animals are looked over at shelters.

He is an adorable little bun.
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User is Offline Rob K
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3/22/2011 2:15 PM
Thanks everyone! I think we are in for good times together.

User is Offline angie-la
Oakland, CA
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3/22/2011 2:17 PM
what a cutie!! and it sounds like you're doing a great job at taking care of the little fellow. welcome!

User is Offline peppypoo
Forum Leader
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3/22/2011 5:20 PM
Welcome! I just adopted an all-black bunny from the shelter too...aren't they gorgeous?
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User is Offline Rob K
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3/25/2011 12:54 PM

Yes, they are. His coat is so shiny. I don't understand how people can pass them up!

User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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3/25/2011 11:00 PM
black fur rabbits are full of personality

User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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3/25/2011 11:36 PM
Yes... yes they are. I have a Queen of Attitude here

User is Offline Rob K
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3/26/2011 6:59 AM
Well, Walter is definitely getting more acquainted. He has been out of the cage twice today already to run around. Usually he comes out a couple times but not until later in the day or late at night. And he performed one of the highest binkies I have seen a couple days ago. It probably helps that I spoil him so much; he knows he belongs here.

User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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3/26/2011 7:04 AM
That's great! He's celebrating his new life.
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User is Offline Lintini
Bay Area, California
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3/28/2011 4:55 PM
Welcome to BB!

User is Offline Knabbel Did It
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3/31/2011 7:17 PM
Hi Rob - Walter is absoluetly gorgous!!! I wouldn't have passed him up at all!!! We've had our rescue bunny for just over two weeks now, and he's been pretty chillaxed just like your Walter. He's loving his big digs and Walter will too. It took Scooter Beans several days to jump up onto his "loft" but now he loves it up there. Walter will be ruling the house before you know it : ) !!!!
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