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Last Post by bunnytowne at 2/21/2011 6:25 AM (2 Replies)
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User is Offline bunnytowne
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2/19/2011 4:56 PM

So again friday we went out and I took my 2 furbabies.   They got to run about in a nice big back yard behind a church/mosque   There were clover n grasses all over and Cotton would stop to eat.  

I gave Rubys leash to Fouad cuz Cotton kept moving about and Ruby just sat there.   Fouad got tired of Ruby not running like Cotton he drug her across the grass to where cotton was.   rofl.   That poor girl.   I told him to stop that.   lol  

Then we when were ready to go I tried to get to Cotton to pick him up.   He kept running away and I didn't want to use the leash to stop or drag him til finally I had a thought.    I went n picked up Ruby n sat down.   Here comes Cotton lol.    

When Fouad found where he wanted to fish I took them to the picnic table.  I opened their carriers n offered them some water.   Ruby got into the carrier with Cotton.   They didnt' fight.  Cotton did 3 licks n demanded to be groomed.  When Ruby wouldn't return the favor Cotton humped her.  Then I seperated them.

Wow amazing.  Considering last time Cotton kept nipping at her nose when she poked her head in his carrier.

There may be hope yet.

OH now they know where their willow comes from too.    We stopped at the tree and they really enjoyed their willow. 

They did real good.  It is just hard cuz I had to carry 2 carriers and my purse with my Nook in it so I could read.   If I had just a bun I would lock the purse in the truck.

Ruby enjoyed being held.  Cotton tooth purred even when I wasn't petting him while I held him .    Ruby even tooth purred while I held her.

Amazing. And they ate good too.   I put willow hay clover they had a good time



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User is Offline mocha200
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2/19/2011 8:43 PM
Thats great! sounds like you all had fun!

User is Offline bunnytowne
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2/21/2011 6:25 AM

Yes I really enjoy taking them with me.

I had Ruby with her barette in her hair on the leash sitting next to me.  A fellow walked by saying what  cute dog  I laughed

He came back by with his fishing stuff a few minutes later and said oh  its a rbbit no wonder you laughed.   I told him yes she does look like a dog at first glance all this hair and people figure a dog they dont' think rabbit cuz it is rare to see them out on leashes lol

there were 2 dogs though so I was careful nd then they went away with their owners.  So it was safe agian.

I also saw a man carrying his cat from his yacht to his truck.  A cat male cat lover cool.  Solid black with long hair very pretty cat.  I like cats too

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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Good little travelers

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