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Last Post by OhBellaBunBun at 11/25/2010 4:14 PM (7 Replies)
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User is Offline OhBellaBunBun
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11/21/2010 5:56 PM

I'm not jumping at doing this, I know it would be a lot of work, I'd need help and the  money etc. I'm only here to ask people if they know of any resources or helpful information for a person who would like to start a bunny rescue.

I just found this website where people are selling their rabbits because they aren't right for showing and other irritating reasons. I even found someone who said that when the doe has babies if he doesn't like the babies then he's selling the doe too!

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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11/22/2010 2:03 AM
I don't know many specifics as to the legal hoops you'd have to jump thru, but you are right, you would need a lot of money. Food and litter is one thing, but spaying and neutering dozens of bunnies before they go to their forever homes is very, very expensive! Even if you hook up with a vet who will do reduced cost surgeries and charge an adoption fee of $50-75, you will never break even.

Would you be looking to do this in an "official" space or out of your home? Similar to fostering, people who run rescues out of their homes end up BEING the forever home for many of the rabbits they take in... and/or a sanctuary for ill/aggressive/disabled rabbits who are considered unadoptable.

The best thing I think you could do at this point is find others in your local area who want to do the same and brainstorm... for a long time. This is not a project to take on by yourself. Have you looked into volunteering at a local shelter, helping one that is already established? Or becoming a foster with one or two bunnies?
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User is Offline Sarita
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11/22/2010 4:59 AM
I've started a rescue before and I TOTALLY agree with everything Beka says.

As for legal stuff - you need to file first as a non-profit with your state - check your state's secretary of state website - I believe that's where you do this at least you do in my state.

As for the 501c you would apply for this after you do the state legal stuff.

As for rescuing an animal - most rescues will save rabbits from a shelter where they are in danger of being euthanized. I would recommend that you do not read Craigslist or the website where people are giving away their rabbits - you just cannot save them all.

In the beginning and really all the rest of the time you have a rabbit rescue all the expenses will come out of your own pocket and there will be alot of expenses.

User is Offline Sarita
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11/22/2010 5:04 AM

Here's a rescource that I used alot for ideas:

Also consider becoming an educator for House Rabbit Society: - there is an educator app at the bottom of the page.

User is Offline Petzy
Northern AB Canada
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11/22/2010 5:37 AM
I agree especially with Sarita's point about getting involved with the House Rabbit Society. They have a program for becoming a fosterer. They are a large organization and well-networked so you would not be completely on your own.

Realize that breeders breed rabbits for profit. They will not sustain a doe with poor mothering skills. If you bought such a doe, you'd just support such a breeder!

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User is Offline Sarita
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11/22/2010 6:44 AM
I want to reiterate what Petzy states as well that breeders are in it for the money and anytime you help their rabbits, you are helping the breeder. It's sad but it's true. That's why if you are interested in helping rabbits help those in shelters, spca's or humane societies.

User is Offline Andi
B.C. Canada
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11/22/2010 10:17 AM
I just want to "Ditto" Petzy & Sarita.
I've read so many times people 'rescuing' animals from breeders or pet stores, when in fact they have just supported them so they can fill that empty space with another animal to make money from. When instead, by refusing to help/buy from these places they will be forced to stop making more animals for sale, and then we can foucs on homing the already homeless in shelters.

Read lots, and get involved with local rescue groups. If you have not Volunteered with one before, do it before jumping in on your own. I've been Volunteering for many years now, and i can say i would never go out on my own to start a rescue, way to much stress/money/work involved.

If your anywhere near Vancouver BC Canada, We're always looking for volunteers
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User is Offline OhBellaBunBun
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11/25/2010 4:14 PM
I think I'd be better suited for fostering than volunteering... and I'm nowhere near the point of being able to start my own shelter. Maybe sometime down the road... way down the road!

You all gave very good advice, so that is appreciated. I actually didn't mean to see the website about getting "rid" of the doe and babies, it was an accident while looking around for bunny info. You know how that can be.
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