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User is Offline cait
Toronto, Canada
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5/03/2016 4:00 PM
When Newt and I are staying over at my parents house he stays in what used to be the dining room, he has a pen for when we're asleep and he's out during the day with baby gates at the door so the dogs don't try and "play" with him. The room is now referred to as "the bunny room" even when we're not around.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

User is Offline dragonzmyst
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5/04/2016 3:47 AM
I have a French lop; due to her massive size she has her own room. It's our sunroom... I cordoned it off with some high fencing and she loves it. Her cage is still in there for now, but that's huge too and takes up a ton of room so I'd like to get her used to having her den, litter box and food/water dishes outside of it for now. Not sure if she's going to appreciate that though, lol. We have a lot of birthdays/anniversaries coming up where family will be coming over, and I want her to still have her cage so she feels like she can jump in there and hide when people (and noise) come.

User is Offline Q8bunny
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5/04/2016 6:41 AM
Nope. I have a bunny house.

My lionhead is free range in a bunproofed flat. No restrictions whatsoever.

User is Offline Lil Leo
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5/19/2016 12:48 PM
   Hi all.. I adopted a 15mo old bun 1mo ago from humaine society so he was neutered.. At first he shared a room with my daughter but she has since moved out so he has a whole room to him self.. I sometimes cage him at night in a large dog kennel where his food..water and litter box are located.. he is fully litter trained and surprisingly hasn't destroyed the room.. Few scratches in corners but I have put tall cardboard in the corners to detour that behavior.. He has TONS of toys hay treats and cardboard hide outs.. I spend time with him in the AM hours.. peek in on him threw out the day and always spend time with him in evening.. We have a dog so bun has not ventured out of he wont let me pick him up so really for the best till he gets more use to me.. Things have been going very well BUT the one question I do have is he ok spending so much time in the room alone?? I do have a 44inch wood and wire dog gate which I put up so the door can be open.. I guess im just looking for reassurance that this is a proper living space for Leo my bun??!! thanks for any feed back!!

User is Offline vanessa
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5/19/2016 8:48 PM
Sounds good to me. We can't all be stay-at-home-bunny-moms. My buns share the spare bedroom. I let one pair have access to the back half of the house 24/7. The other pair are too destructive - they stay in half of the spare room. I visit/feed them in the mornings before work, and spend time with them in the evenings as I feed/clean in their areas. I also have birds in the room, so I'm in there frequently throughout the evening. During the day, the bunies sleep. I try to malke te most of my mornings and evenings with them, while they are awake and playful. Since one pair is regularly in my bedroom, they get plenty of petting. I spend a few hours a day altogether with them. Spending time with bunnies isn't a solid time frame - it's the 5 or so minutes at a time scattered throughout the day that add up. I have 2 pairs, so they each have a pal, and they are never lonely. It is possible that Leo might get lonely during the evenings when he is awake and playful, and you are in bed. But with some time, you'll be able to tell by his behavior, if he is happy. Before I had pairs, I had single buns. I could tell if they were happy or not. The living space sounds great. More than many people could arrange. For my pair who have access to the back half of the house - the only bunny proofing I need to do is to keep electric cords out of their way. That is the only thing they might destroy. They are really very well behaved.

User is Offline Lil Leo
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5/20/2016 7:42 AM
Thank you soooo much for the feed back... He seems to be very content and happy and hes not destructive hes overall a wonderful bun!!! I LOVE that each day is a new adventure with him and I feel like it will never be a dull moment with him !! He does many binkys so he must be happy!! Thanks again!!

User is Offline vanessa
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5/20/2016 9:17 PM
Binky = suuuuper duuuuper happy :-)

User is Offline GottaLoveTheAngora
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6/10/2016 10:26 PM
I am blessed with the privilege of having a spare room in our home completely devoted to the buns. I currently have them both in two separate xpen-style enclosures on large floor rugs.

User is Offline Lil Leo
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6/11/2016 8:58 AM
I try and rearrange things around his room so he thinks he has new stuff or something like that.. but he's always rearranging what I do.. lol.. bunitude.. he's a lil crabby now cause I brought him in for a nail trim yesterday but I think he still loves me.. lol..

User is Offline vanessa
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6/14/2016 8:02 PM
I keep rearranging and redesigning my bunny room. I have a spare room and it is devided in half. At the moment I have a linoleum lining on the half that Morgana and Avalon have. They are super destructive so I don't let them out of the room. They are also not easy to catch. I have to corner them and scoop them into a travel cage. It has taken me years to get them to let me pet them. But I still can't pick up Morgana without a travel cage. Guin and Lancelot have the other half of the room, and they also have free acess to the hallway, my bedroom, and the guest room. You remind me Lil Leo, it's time to trim the nails of my four.... my least favorite task in the world...

User is Offline Lil Leo
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6/15/2016 7:04 AM
I couldn't imagine doing that task my self.. I brought my bun into the humane society where I adopted him to get that done.. I also cant pick my Leo up but I cam pet him (when he lets me) LOL.. Hope all goes well with nail trim!!!

User is Offline HaleyLovesRabbits
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7/18/2016 3:49 PM
My rabbits live in my bedroom, and pretty much take up the whole thing. My older guy David has arthritis and just stays in a cage, but my girl Sundae has a big cage attached to a metal pen thats practically the size of the room.

User is Offline Odette
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7/22/2016 4:11 PM
I made my living room into Odette's space. I want her near me as we are bonding. I didn't really know how she would be most comfortable, so I bought a large dog kennel, a smaller Kaytee cage, and baby gates for the three door openings. She likes to jump in and out of the crates, but she sleeps in my bookcase. I removed the books from the bottom row (it's secured) and put a shirt down for her. She chose that space. I also have a wooden semi-circle tunnel that she sleeps under sometimes.

Odette came to me litter trained, so that made it easy to allow her to free roam.

I would allow her to move freely about the open part of the house, but she has trouble with hardwoods and slips. So far there's not been a problem with chewing the carpet. Odette chews her toys and applewood sticks.

This is day five since I brought her home and she went from a little shy to following me around overnight. My last bunny did that too, so I kinda suspected Odette would come around. I just thought it would take longer.

I might make my guest bedroom into a bunny room once she is completely comfortable in her new home here.

User is Offline Lil Leo
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7/23/2016 3:21 PM
My boy was also litter trained when I got him which is so amazing.. I have a dog so my bun stays in his room.. I often wish he could roam more of the house makes me sad at times but I go in there very often and hang with him.. sometimes I just feel bad like he is alone a lot but I have to be positive!! Lol.. he does have a pretty great life and who knows where he would be if I didn't adopt him!!

User is Offline Odette
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7/23/2016 10:13 PM
I should have been more specific, Lil Leo. I put Odette in her crate while I'm at work. I meant she is out while I'm home. My previous bunny lived eight years and her set up was much like your bun's and she was the happiest girl in the world. I think bunnies like a little time alone, much like us!

User is Offline Lil Leo
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7/24/2016 4:55 AM
I put leo in his crate at night Sunday-Wednesday (9pm and gets out @4am) and he he gets to be out in his room all other times.. my husband goes to work @4 so he let's him out and gives him a lil treat then I wake up by 6am to feed and hang with him.. yesterday I had some menthol muscle patches on and made the mistake of going in his room to hang and he made it very clear he did not like that smell.. he thumped his feet like no tomorrow.. lol.. I proceeded to take a shower.. lol.. bunny's!! Sure are bossy!! 😍

User is Offline Lil Leo
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7/24/2016 5:01 AM plan on letting him roam a few hours a day a few times a week in our kitchen and dining area which will be new for him.. im.sure he a little nervous at 1st but even2he should love the little more room to explore.. I just hope once I put him back in his room he won't throw a tantrum.. I plan on doing that this week coming up since I will have it off!! I'm excited for him.. he also has to visit vet to get nails trimmed.. he will not be excited for that..

User is Offline Odette
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7/24/2016 12:58 PM
Leo and the menthol is hilarious. Whoever said bunnies are meek didn't have a bunny!

Odette explores in bursts. Mostly, she has staked out an area by the bookcase where she stays when she's not playing.

User is Offline LuvFurBabies80
New Jersey
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7/30/2016 7:54 PM

We sort of have a bunny room.  Sage was litter trained about 3 days after we got her so we decided to move her cage to give her more room.  My daughter splits time between here and her fathers so we have my daughters room that gets used only half the time...she is 14 and is thrilled with getting to share her room with Sage when she is here 

From about 8am until about midnight we open the gate to the ex-pen and give Sage the freedom of the make it more interesting we created tunnels that run under the bed, we put fleece blankets in cubby's and on low shelves around the room so she can jump up and down and race through the tunnels under the one end out the other...turn around and do it again. lol

Anyway so you can see her set up I attached a picture of her cage/ex-pen and the room she gets during the day.

Honored to have been given the gift of love from my pets.

User is Offline Twinkiebunbun
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9/08/2016 7:25 PM

Hi. First post and I just wanted to say I have found so much great information on this forum since we adopted Twinkie. I just finished his room. (It's really my daughter's room but it has turned into his room and he has allowed her to sleep up in the loft.) The cage was meant as an outdoor cage and I didn't intend to put a "yard" on it at first but it just seemed so small. The project just grew and grew and the next thing I knew, he lived in the hundred acre woods.  He only sleeps there at night and if we have to go out, otherwise he has most of the house to play all day. He gets a little bit of pellets on his hay at bedtime so when I open the hallway gate and say "night night" he races his little bunny self down the hall and puts himself to bed. 

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