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Last Post by Lintini at 10/03/2010 12:14 AM (9 Replies)
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User is Offline LittleMiraclesRR
North Port, FL
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9/24/2010 4:26 AM

Hey guys!

It's been a CRAZY busy few weeks... for those of you who haven't heard, our entire rescue is moving from our 1200 sq foot place in Florida to 3400 sq foot place outside Philadelphia in Southern NJ.

We've been at the building now for three days, working REALLY hard... If you know anyone who would like to give us a hand, email at - we're working straight through til Oct 3rd!

Check out some of what we've done so far, and follow the progress at or

The rennovations are taking place big time at Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue's new shelter building in New Jersey.

We have a few dozen volunteers doing lots of painting, cleaning, hauling trash, yard work, and minor handi-man projects like replacing toilets, power-washing, etc.

If you are in the area, and would like to come by to help out between now and Oct 3rd (we'll still need folks after that of course, but we definately need them for the bulk of the rennovations before the animals get here) - we'd love your help!


One of the new kennels (before and after basic cleaning...





After (There's still a TON to do - epoxy flooring, paint, power-washing, etc)



This weekend, the power-washing and painting will begin. There's a TON of work to do on the room, including laying epoxy-floor in a three point process which will make the floor shiny, easy to clean/mop and healthy and safe for the volunteers and bunnies to play on. :-)


We've also worked on the office:

BEFORE (covered in nicotene, stains, filth...)

After the "Garland" paint;



User is Offline Andi
B.C. Canada
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9/24/2010 6:52 AM
Looking great, wishing you a smooth move to your new facility!
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User is Offline kralspace
West, Texas
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9/25/2010 3:52 AM
I got the newsletter, that's quite an undertaking. Wish I were closer to help.
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User is Offline LittleMiraclesRR
North Port, FL
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9/25/2010 4:13 PM

some more updates...  :-)  (And we thanks for following along!)

After hours and hours of pressure-washing and painting with Killz...

The bottom of the photo had been pressure-washed . The top had not been done yet. You can clearly see the difference. Worth the $150 rental of a huge industrial power-washer for the whole weekend!



The office doors / trim / molding is done, at the bottom you can see the wall shelves have been painted white also. :-)


Today we also ripped out both toilets, which were replaced. The floors in both bathrooms were torn up, and will be replaced tomorrow. The shelves will be re-hung, and we are getting started on the massive task of painting the kennel... when the painting is done, the epoxy flooring will be the next project tackled.

User is Offline LittleMiraclesRR
North Port, FL
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9/29/2010 2:17 AM

It's been a long week - More work has been done, things are coming along beautifully. The volunteers who have come out are totally awesome and we've gotten an absolute ton of things accomplished, which is very impressive. Amazing how much we can get done when working together for the bunnies.

The kennel is now purple(s)... and the floor will be going in today:


And the office had carpet put down (you can tell the volunteers are a little tired at 9pm...)



Today we're laying the epoxy kennel flooring, testing out some furniture ideas for the office area... and working on the entry way and window flower-box project for the kennel (because who doesn't love flowers??)


Remember if you're in the South Jersey / Philadelphia area and would like to come out and help, we'd love to meet you!

User is Offline LittleMiraclesRR
North Port, FL
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9/29/2010 5:17 PM


So things just keep getting better... today we finished off the carpet and bathroom tile, got a rockin' new sink for the little bathroom (SO pretty) - we tackled the first layer of epoxy for the floor (where the bunnies will be for a while) and William totally ripped out the inside by the front door which was hideous, and is now totally on the road to being amazing. :-D

Plus, we totally did-up the inside of the garage door... :-)

User is Offline bunnyluvr
Houston, TX
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9/30/2010 5:26 AM
Wow! Everything is coming together great! Love the colors!
Wish I was closer so that I could help.
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User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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9/30/2010 6:55 PM
This is really interesting watching this come together. It's amazing just what a good clean did for the place. Look forward to seeing it progress.
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User is Offline LittleMiraclesRR
North Port, FL
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10/02/2010 2:24 AM

Thanks guys... you can also follow updates on the site at - but here's a few more pics...


the first of two kennels is nearly move-in ready:


We have one operational bathroom, and a second is in the works:


Even the front door of the kennel is pretty:


We're starting to move furniture and get ready...


We're psyched about the move! :-)

User is Offline Lintini
Bay Area, California
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10/03/2010 12:14 AM
Looks great! Sorry I don't live closer either! I am quite handy with a paint roller
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