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Last Post by jerseygirl at 9/23/2010 6:39 PM (1 Replies)
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User is Offline nanaof4
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9/23/2010 6:10 PM

My bunny had 6 babies tuesday was a week ago they were find this morning but as of tonight 4 of them has died. What could it be?

User is Offline jerseygirl
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9/23/2010 6:39 PM

Hello nanaof4

That’s very sad to hear. There is no way to know for sure what it may have been unless you have testing done. We can only speculate here. It could be a multitude of reasons such as….

Mother not lactating enough to feed them
They could have contracted something from the mother while within the uterus.
Contracted something from the environment....
Do you have any other rabbits in with them?
You will need to seek vet care for the remaining 2 and the mother. 
I just want to note; this forum does not support intentional breeding of rabbits. If this was an accidental litter or the rabbit came to you pregnant, then the discussion is allowed. If this is not the case then I suggest you ask any further questions at this site:  There are some very knowledgable people whomay be able to help.
Here is some other useful info on mothers and babies
I hope the other 2 pull through!
Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.
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