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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > RAINBOW BRIDGE > I Can't Belive Her. Oh Wait, Yes I Can!!!
Last Post by MirBear at 9/13/2010 4:19 PM (41 Replies)
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User is Offline Kyoshi
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9/13/2010 12:20 PM
I can of course understand your "favoratizim" I would definetely chose my baby guinea over bean (no offense bean!) As I love them both, but hes more dear to me. Can you get a "foster" situation? maybe you can get a friend to foster twix, then when your ready, you can take him back. That way, in the end, you have hershey and twix, and you dont need to worry about mom. Heres a website on getting your pets into a dorm, . I hope this sorts out. I wish i could help more! right now i wanna hop in the car and drive over, and scream at your mom until she lets the buns in

User is Offline MirBear
Kitchener, Ont. Ca.
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9/13/2010 4:19 PM

Kyoshi, thats a great website i'm going to store that. i've still got 2 years before uni :\ (please come faster!)
As for fostering, i just moved recently and have no friends in my area, and all of the friends i keep in contact with all have dogs that dont mix with small animals. : \ so far i've worked it out a bit to my liking . were buying a dog run off of someone (when ever they decide to show up, its been like 2 weeks) and i'm going to seperate it down the middle then they'll each have nice big cages, then within a few weeks i'll hopefully get a job and will then pay for spaying them. my mom isn't happy.

i talked to her a few minutes ago about getting a gym membership and she totally freaked -.- she makes me move away from my highschool, the area i grew up in and all of my friends. she confines me to the yard like a 2 year old, ( not like she didn't do that before) and when i talk about staying fit she says you have to keep up with that ( i used to jogg everyday plus my last highschool had a gym) and now i can't jogg, my school doesnt have a gym i can't take my bunnies in the house even for play time without getting yelled at. i've given so much and she wont give me anything. it makes me want to cry..

My Siamese Sweethearts, Hershey & Twix........... <3 And In My Attempted Un-selfish Thoughts I Find Myself Thinking... If This Is The Best I Can Do With Just My Thoughts, Than What Is The Best That Can Be Done By Someone Who Has Not Only my Thoughts But The Chance To Make Them A Reality?
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > RAINBOW BRIDGE > I Can't Belive Her. Oh Wait, Yes I Can!!!

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