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Last Post by Lintini at 8/09/2010 10:02 AM (0 Replies)
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8/09/2010 10:02 AM

On Friday night we had a "beading party". Just a few of my mom's friends come over with all their stuff and we sit for around 5 hours and make beads, eat snacks and talk. One of her good friends used to have bunnies and we've talked  about them before on the hikes we do with the dogs. Well Friday was the first time she got to come into my room and meet mine! We were in there maybe 2 hours, giving everyone treats and talking about care, cost and different cage types. Luckily I had them all to show her, the grid pen, a wooden enclousure, a dog xpen and the lovely store bought cage that is now a litterbox. lol. She really liked Bee the most, said she looked fake like a stuffed toy. Bee even let her massage one of her ears lol! She's interested in having rabbits again, I gave her all the websites and showed her saveabunny but since we live in the bay area, the hayward and fremont shelters have a lot of bunnies to adopt and that's where she wants to get her bunny from. She's thinking about getting a pair! I am so excited because I would then have someone to split my bales of hay with!!! So if she does decide to adopt somebunny, I think she is going to go for a grid cage since it will be the safer than a xpen. She has a great dane mix, a sweet heart but could easily push over a dog xpen. 


So anyways, now the funny part. I lured Indybun out from under the bed and picked him up and she was petting him. I offered for her to hold him and she had some beaded woven elaborate necklace on and a black shirt and was like mehhh it's okay, so I put Indy down...and oh my lord....

HE FOOT FLICKED ME AND RAN UNDER THE BED!!!  He has never...NEVER done that to me before lololol!!! Like Ohhhhhh no you aren't handing me over to HER!!! *FLICK*!! He cracks me up so much, I wish you all could see his new morning routine. *Hops up on bed* *stares at me for a few seconds*  *Indybun 500 all over my bed* I just sit there giggling as he goes insane. "ok ok ok  its pellet time" Bee is sitting patiently in the litterbox...Indy can't control himself lol. 

It will be neat if our friend does decide to adopt a pair ....then that means she can bunsit for me instead of my crumby brother!!!! Lol no but really I think she will make a great bun owner. 

You are not authorized to post a reply or you have not verified your email address.
BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Indy &friend getting a bunny maybe

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