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Last Post by Lunar~Atticus at 5/22/2010 7:54 PM (9 Replies)
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User is Offline Catalina
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5/20/2010 4:39 PM

Anyone have a baby gate reccomendations?  I have a stack of boxes blocking access to the living room from the kitchen to prevent Tansy from eating the carpet, but they have got to go!  I would like one that stays in place and has a swinging door/gate that humans can walk through.  It would have to have small spaces between the slats, because Tansy is teeny.  What do you all use? 

User is Offline Nibbles_NZ
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5/20/2010 5:17 PM
I use the cheap $13 gates from Walmart. I can't swing them open though. Honestly, I have never found a gate that swings open that a tiny bunny couldn't fit through. Even if it has a large enough space to stick thier head in is a no. They could get it stuck If you are adament about having a gate that swings open, I would get a rabbit safe wood, some hinges and a latch or a lock and make one that works for you. Would probably be cheaper than one that opens anyway. They can be very expensive!

User is Offline Lunar~Atticus
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5/20/2010 5:51 PM
there are good ones that mont to the wall and are just solid plastic instead of slots but they can be pretty pricey...

User is Offline Lintini
Bay Area, California
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5/21/2010 12:11 AM
I need to find a taller baby gate. Our rat terrier learned to jump over it and the Pomeranian sits there crying and barking because he can't. I was using mine though to keep them from going downstairs and pooping down there in the middle of the night instead of asking to be let outside. Little dogs are sneaky. I will probably construct one out of grids and make it 3 grids high, but I'll need something heavy to keep the dogs from pushing it over.

User is Offline Karla
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5/21/2010 1:27 AM
I just bought a dog gate. Apparently, there is a big difference between baby gates and dog gates (well, not that big...just the height and the distance between the grids), which I didn't know.

User is Offline KatnipCrzy
Holland, MI
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5/21/2010 8:46 AM

I have baby gates set up to keep the dogs out of the cats room (they like to raid the litterbox and eat the cat food) and we have a gate set up to keep them in our room at night when we are sleeping- so they cannot countersurf (though they seem to have matured past that now).

Neither of them would keep a bunny out- as they do allow the cats to squeeze thru.  But you could easly zip tie some NIC cubes to the gate and make the space impassable that way.

When the bunnies are out- to keep them from going upstairs or back downstairs (to tick off the other bunnies..hah, hah I am free and you are not) I just use the extra X-pen panels that we have from modifiying 2 x-pens to make 1 large divided pen with 2 doors.  I have also used Coroplast and and NIC cube barrier.  But now that Griffin gets over anything under 4 feet-  I have to use the 4 ft xpen panels.

If you are using it for a free roam situation I would stay away from any gates that have plastic mesh screen as that would be a bored bunnys delight to chew thru that.  Or modify it with NIC cubes or something else to prevent an escape.

Our baby gates are only about 2 1/2 to 3 feet high and our dogs will not jump them as they know they are not supposed to- (approx 50lb Aussies that could clear that easily).  But my 9 lb rabbit is the trouble maker that needs a 4 foot pen with Coroplast clipped to the top to stop escapes.  Figures. 

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User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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5/21/2010 10:31 AM
We used one of the basic wood baby gates that have that lever that lifts to tighten/loosen it in the doorway. It's short, only 24 inches, but neither bun was ever interested in jumping over.

The issue tho... it has that white, plastic mesh covering the main part of the gate with a wood frame. My buns chewed right thru that plastic mesh in no time at all. So my recommendation would be the gates that have the solid plastic panels.
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User is Offline Andi
B.C. Canada
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5/21/2010 12:13 PM
I use NIC cubes as a fence, this way I can move it around easily, I do however have a baby gate I use as well, it's just a long sliding plastic one, i elan it against the doorway lol. I have another that wedges in the space, but also opens like a door... honestly these baby gate things are much to hard for me to figure out and work properly LOL... i like the NIC fence LOL

I have one of those baby gates that are the wooden frame, with plastic grid in each panel. probably the same Beka was mentioning. That one lasted a whole day with baby & Bubba, they chewed a hole through it. *sigh*
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User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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5/22/2010 8:51 AM
I have one I got from Target from the baby section. It is plastic, but, my bunny doesn't chew on it.. What a surprise.

User is Offline Lunar~Atticus
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5/22/2010 7:54 PM
you could even zip ti chicken wire to the outside so they can fit thru. tht would work too!? that is what i use to keep them from jumping onto my bed cause they are out in their area all the time. i dont bother putting them in their cages anymore.
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