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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > Do bunnies need vaccinations?
Last Post by bam at 9/12/2017 11:19 PM (12 Replies)
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User is Offline Nibbles_NZ
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5/12/2010 6:36 PM

I didn't think that bunnies needed vaccinations. I just came across a website that said this:

Rabbits should be vaccinated against two diseases - myxomatosis and viral haemorragic disease (VHD).

Myxomatosis is a fatal disease whereas VHD, although not always fatal, will make your rabbit very unwell. Pet rabbits do not need direct contact with wild rabbits to contact either of these viruses since biting flies and fleas can act as vectors. Vaccination therefore, is the only way to protect your pet rabbit.

They can start vaccinations from the age of 8 - 10 weeks, though this may vary at different veterinary practices.  They will need boosters, which are either carried out yearly or six-monthly, depending again on the practice.


Do you vaccinate your bunnies? What are the pros and cons of vaccinating?

User is Offline KatnipCrzy
Holland, MI
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5/12/2010 6:45 PM

depends on what country you are in- there are no vaccines for rabbits in the US.  Though there are vaccs in Australia and maybe the UK.  I am sure other members will weigh in here and let us know what their countries allow.

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User is Offline Nibbles_NZ
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5/12/2010 6:49 PM
Oh, okay. I didn't know that. Thanks

User is Offline Nibbles_NZ
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5/12/2010 6:50 PM
That website owner is in the UK. LOL

User is Offline Minty
British Columbia, Canada
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5/12/2010 7:16 PM
I know rabbit vaccinations are very common in the UK. There aren't vaccinations for rabbits in Canada (where I am)

User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
Forum Leader
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5/13/2010 2:47 AM
Ditto, Katnip. I think one member weighed in once (from Denmark? UK?) to say that they were required to get vaccines, but there was also a prevalent problem in that country that we don't commonly have here in the US. I've never met a US vet that wanted to do that.
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User is Offline Alika613
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5/13/2010 12:26 PM
Everyone above is correct! The UK frequently vaccinates. I have met one woman (in the USA) who vaccinated her rabbits against Rabies. Her rabbits were outdoor rabbits that frequently went with her to Church, and to other places so that she could socialize them- they were French and German Angora crosses and she collected their wool to make home-made goods. She's the only one I've met though.


User is Offline Sarita
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5/13/2010 12:49 PM
I didn't even think they made a rabies vaccine that was safe for rabbits. That's too bad she kept them outdoors too especially when they are so full of furs like Angoras are.

User is Offline Alika613
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5/13/2010 1:11 PM
She's a tad eccentric. She lives on a farm, so the understanding is that animals are nice, but they belong outside the home.

The information on rabies vaccinations are a little iffy, some do say that there is NO vaccine, while others claim that it is available but either hard to get a hold of/extremely rare. Conflicting information upset me,

In general, and it sounds kind of harsh, in order to get rabies the rabbit would have to be attacked by a rabid animal- and what would be the chances of survival?


User is Offline Karla
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5/13/2010 11:55 PM
You can get your rabbits vaccinated in Denmark. I've never looked into it though. I know it is something show rabbit owners do, but I guess they travel abroad with their rabbits or at least have them in caged next to 100's of other rabbits when they are doing shows.

I just read about it, and apparently it was illegal to do shows in Denmark in 2008 because of myxomatos - apparently, it is also illegal to do the vaccinations while the epidemic is going on because of the risk of spreading the disease then. If your rabbit is vaccinated, it is not allowed to be near other rabbits for 30 days in case it passes the disease on to other rabbits.

Sounds a bit risky to do the vaccination.

User is Offline Nibble45
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9/12/2017 4:35 PM

i think yes

User is Offline sarahthegemini
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9/12/2017 5:35 PM
This thread is 7 years old...but yes, bunnies need to be vaccinated.

User is Offline bam
Forum Leader
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9/12/2017 11:19 PM
This is an old thread with partly outdated information, so I'll be locking it. Please start a new thread on the topic if you like.

In Europe and Australia, rabbits need to be vaccinated. In Europe there are vaccines against myxomatosis, HVHD1 and RVHD2. In Australia there's no vaccine against myxomatosis but there is one (Cylap) against RVHD. I don't know what vaccines are available in New Zealand, but they do have the diseases.

In the USA and Canda there have been small outbreaks of myxomatosis but there are no licensed vaccines.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > Do bunnies need vaccinations?

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