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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Is there such a thing as too much Willow? Interfering with Hay consumption?
Last Post by BB at 8/23/2007 10:31 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline bryelabuns
New York City
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8/21/2007 11:44 AM

Hello everyone.

I just adopted a bonded pair of 7 months old buns.  My husband and I are first time rabbit owners, so we are still trying to learn as much as possible!

I have a question about chew toys.  We've been trying out various toys to try to satisfy our buns' need for chewing.  We tried gooseberry branch sticks, apple tree branch sticks, poplar wood blocks, and unpeeled willow. 

They have been so-so about the gooseberry, they like the apple very much, and have been very "meh" about the poplar... just nibbling at it a little.  However, when we first gave them willow (it was a small basket from Busy Bunny), they went nuts!  They chewed up the entire basket in 24 hrs. 

Is this normal?  We noticed that the day they had the willow basket, they ate significantly less hay.  So we were worried that giving them too much willow (even though they love it) might be a bad thing.

We'd also bought a willow tunnel from Busy Bunny, but now I'm a bit afraid of giving it to them to play with because I worry that they'll just chew/eat the willow tunnel nonstop for days and not eat the hay that they need to eat.

Awaiting comments and advice from you all!  ^^



User is Offline RascalnBinks
se pennsylvania
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8/21/2007 12:59 PM
hey there congrats on the new buns! yay for adopting too! Im not sure if there is such a thing as too much willow either. Id be interested to know as well. My two chew anything willow up real quick too and they still eat their hay. You could try putting some hay in the tunnel or their basket that way they got both at once. Course they could very well just dump it and continue to chew away. Hmmm....I hope someone who may know replies to you soon,sorry i wasnt of too much help lol.

User is Offline (dig)x(me)x(now)
San Diego, Calif.
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8/21/2007 9:18 PM
I was wondering the same thing! My bun devoured a willow ball! Haha

Rachel & Frankie

User is Offline Scarlet_Rose
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8/22/2007 3:53 PM
Too much of a good thing can be "bad" for a rabbit as like you said, they don't consume the food that they really should be like the hay. If they really are eating it and not just tearing it apart and leaving the pieces, I think it would be best to save the willow as a treat.

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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8/23/2007 10:31 PM

Willow is high in fiber, and large amounts do not cause a prob em in itself, however over time if it causes your bunny not to get nutrients and fiber from the regular source then of course, that wouldn't be the healthiest diet. I honestly have never had a bunny devour the willow tunnels and willow toys so quickly. Both my tents and tunnels are pretty chewed up, but they have lasted for over a year. If your bunnies are eating willow so much that they eat less hay, greens and pellets, then my advice would be to offer chew toys for a limited time per day. OR if you can find a way to secure it up higher, where they can only reach a portion of it, then they will have to work harder to get what is available to them, and it can add a bit of exercise to their chewing routine.

I know I tie willow baskets and stuff to the sides of their pen, some are up higher where they have to stand up to get a nibble.  And even if it's at their level, it forces them to go a bit slower.  Example
(You have to click on the little picture with Jack trying to chew on the star, I also do the same thing with baskets)

Let us know what ends up working for you!


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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Is there such a thing as too much Willow? Interfering with Hay consumption?

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