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Last Post by Kyoshi at 7/11/2010 11:00 AM (48 Replies)
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User is Offline Hedi
Dayton, OH
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4/16/2010 7:22 PM
I am so sorry for your loss! I have been crying on and off since reading last night about your appt for letting Jack go. Our bunnies are just so special to us! My husband came in to see me crying last night and wanted to know what was wrong so I told him about Jack and showed the photos. He was quiet for awhile and said he was sad to see a bunny go.

I cry every time I read one of our buns are moving on. It breaks my heart!
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User is Offline MimzMum
Southwest Oregon
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4/16/2010 7:42 PM
Ursula, my most profound apologies for being late to this thread! I am sad at heart to hear that Jack had leukemia and the choice had to be made for his method of passing. But as others have already posted, he would not have known joy or comfort at all without you, and you did everything for him that you could. Having had cancer myself, I know that before any of my treatment began, I wrote out a life plan that would ensure I would not linger and suffer if nothing could be done...although we have no real euthanasia for humans, but you understand the sentiment. We are the only ones who can speak for our voiceless furbabies in this regard. And it is a blessing that they have this option, though it doesn't feel this way to us.
I will join the group to light a candle, even though it is late, to help illuminate the lovely corner of Paradise that is already aglow with Jack's wonderful presence.
God bless you and your partner and remaining bunnies, my dear. May He bring you His Peace and Comfort in the days to come. Thank you for being there for Jack and giving him such a fabulous life!


User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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4/18/2010 6:15 AM
I'm late to this, but I wanted to give my peaceful thoughts for beautiful Jack. Healing and strength vibes for you, Karla and family.

((((((((((Binky free, Jack!))))))))))
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User is Offline Balefulregards
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4/18/2010 6:47 AM
Binky Free Jack!

User is Offline Karla
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4/19/2010 8:20 AM
Thank you to all of you who have sent Jack and my bf and I some thoughts during this time. My bf said last night that I should consider Jack's stay with us as a sort of hospice and that we took good care of him and gave him some great months before he had to say goodbye. And that had been the whole point of having Jack. That helped - although I do miss seeing him come running with his ears jumping up and down because he has just realised that I'm on the couch and it is time to snuggle

But well as I said: thank you to all of you. It carried me through those really tough days to have you guys.

User is Offline bunnyluvr
Houston, TX
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4/20/2010 7:43 AM
Binky free sweet little Jack!
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User is Offline Bougatsa
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5/19/2010 6:17 AM
Oh Karla I just saw this, had no idea. I'm really sorry you had to lose one of your bunnies! He was beautiful and I'm sure he knew how much you loved him and did what was best for him..! lots of hugs!

User is Offline Karla
1631 posts Send Private Message
5/19/2010 7:19 AM
Thank you, Bougatsa. It's been a month now, but Jack is still very much missed. And just reading Andi's posts and feel her pain, made me cry and think of Jack.

It's hard when we have to say goodbye to those that have a special place in our hearts. But at least they live on in our hearts and memories.

User is Offline Kyoshi
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7/11/2010 11:00 AM
Posted By jerseygirl on 04/16/2010 04:33 AM

*Binky Free Jack - watch over your humans and bun buddies*

I lit a candle. There is a group for Jack now for those wanting to light one also.



I lit a candle as well, and sat there in silence for 1 minute. I'm truly sorry.

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