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Last Post by Furface at 11/04/2009 1:45 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline mrmac
San Diego, CA
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10/28/2009 4:46 PM

Picture question...I am trying to put my "bunnies" picture folder onto a flash drive because it is taking up so much space on my computer. Alot of these pictures are in threads on BB. If I delete them from my "bunnies" folder will it remove all of my pictures that I have posted?

Edit: I remembered that when you add an attatchment, it is stored into "My Files" on BB. I just really don't want ALL of my pics I've posted to dissappear...


User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
Forum Leader
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10/29/2009 3:27 AM
Good question. BB, I'd like to know also.
I'm guessing that like most attachments, a copy was made and inserted, so the original isn't linked, it's just created a new one and saved here.

I noticed at the attachements section it lists the photos that are posted. If we deleted any of those here, do they get removed from the post they're in?
Is there any reason, like saving space, to delete them?
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User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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11/03/2009 7:50 AM

We tested this and no it does not delete your photos in your posts if you take them out of your main attachment lists. You can also test it out yourself by posting one of your photos, and then delete it from your main list. Then refresh the page.


NOTE: The photo above I posted, yet it was deleted out of the main attachment list a few minutes later.

I just wanted to make sure I reiterate this as I know it can be a little "iffy" feeling anytime you start deleting stuff, but it's okay in this circumstance.

User is Offline mrmac
San Diego, CA
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11/03/2009 12:10 PM
Is that also the case with removing it from your hard drive?

User is Offline Furface
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
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11/04/2009 1:45 PM
mrmac, you could test that by posting a pic & then either moving it on your hard drive or deleting from your hard drive.
I think a copy is saved here as long as you didn't use a Photobucket link to post the pic.
If you used a photo bucket link, it doesn't mater if you delete or move on your hard drive, however, if you delete or move it on photobucket - that's when you see the "This image is no longer available message."
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