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Last Post by SophieBun at 9/30/2009 8:31 PM (7 Replies)
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User is Offline Dextervonbon
Kenosha, WI
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9/24/2009 12:52 PM

Dexter basically "owns" our second bedroom.  He has a huge condo that is about 4.5 ft long, 3.5 ft high and about 2 ft wide if my math is correct .  The bottom is made of plywood and has 4 wheels on the bottom for easy cleaning and to move it if needed.  The bottom level is covered in vinyl tile with a indoor/outdoor carpet on top.  There is also carpet on each level for traction. We cut a section in the carpet on the bottom level just under the ramp for a cool spot to lay down.   The ramp is 2 grids zip tied together with carpet over it.   The tube is his fav. part.  It is zipped tied to the back so it doesn' t move and has a little window cut out on top.  The bottom middle has 2 doors for easy cleaning and there is also a single door on the top right next to his water bottle. He loves his condo so much that he sometimes doesn't even want to come out to play   He is such a spoiled bun but he deserves it!  I got the plans for this condo under the cool habitats section in the forums. 



User is Offline Petzy
Northern AB Canada
Forum Leader
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9/24/2009 2:33 PM
Love it! I like the tube and also that he has litterboxes on different levels. I wish my rabbits' condo was blue...
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User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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9/24/2009 2:41 PM
I recently found out our local Fred Meyer's carries the cubes, so I'll be building a condo for Monkey soon She'd LOVE one like Dexter's!

User is Offline Jenna, Chubs & Comet
Portland, OR
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9/27/2009 3:49 PM
Wow, I love this! We have the cubes and have been doing more of a temporary pen for each of our buns until they are bonded. But once they are, we'd like to build them something like this! How do you clean it? It seems like it might be tough to do with all the different levels?
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User is Offline bunnymum
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9/27/2009 6:02 PM
WOW! Dexter has a great condo!!! I love it and I bet he does too!
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User is Offline Dextervonbon
Kenosha, WI
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9/28/2009 2:37 AM

I just take the carpets out and vaccum them.  The very bottom middle has 2 doors, kind of like french doors lol so it's pretty wide to get in there as well.  This is a great condo for multiple bunnies too   They will love it!  Dexter loves his so much that he doesn't want to come out sometimes

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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9/28/2009 1:18 PM
You're all so clever with your condo designs! I made a "condo" for Bindi but it turned out to be just a huge cube, one level. How creative! I think I'm gonna change it soon though, cut it in half and add a second shelf.
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User is Offline SophieBun
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9/30/2009 8:31 PM
Awesome condo! so many levels! very cool
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