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Last Post by KytKattin at 8/10/2009 9:06 PM (8 Replies)
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User is Offline Balefulregards
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8/07/2009 4:44 PM

So, I picked up Cocos potential mate from the SPCA today. He had his neuter, and it went well

He was fairly stressed from the car ride. I can only imagine being him. The family agrees to adopt him and then Bam! He gets neutered and put in a carrier and sent home with a stranger.

He seems really fine after the neuter - Eating Great - picked the cilantro first, very unsure about the mint, drinking from a bowl ( I switched him right away from the bottle) - nibbled Hay - I mixed alfalfa and timothy to make sure it smelled tempting. And ate some pellets. I have a container from the shelter and am doing the 4 week switch over to Oxbow.

Coco looked like death warmed over after her spay - and he is so ridiculously FINE.

We housed him in my daughters room - for now. He has been caged today since we got home at 5 pm. There are rugs that lead from Cocos main room ( my bedroom) to the other rooms in the house. She never leaves the rugs as she hates the polished wooden floors.  She hopped in and eyeballed him. Chinned the corner of his cage.

He was interested in her - hormones, of course - a little soft honking -but not crazy. They had one sniff session through the bars. She left 5 territory  poops and turned and hopped back into her "space" - She hasn't been back. Which I am thinking is Good. No overt aggression. No lunging for one another. I want her to lead the pace. Especially while he is healing and caged.

She has asked for many more rubs and loves tonight, being reassured I assume.

 Here are some pictures of the fellow and hopeful love of Coco's life. His paws are ridicuously huge compared to hers!

User is Offline BB
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8/07/2009 9:04 PM
OHH!! How adorable! Coco looks like such a feminine doe-eyed gal and with Jackson's burly build and handsome coat, they sure will make a gorgeous pair when they are bonded. Looks like some positive early signs!

Welcome home Jackson to your forever home and loving family!

Congrats all around!

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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8/08/2009 12:25 AM
Wow... what did you get yourself into now? LOL!

Just kidding, he is a very handsome bun...
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User is Offline RabbitPam
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8/08/2009 1:34 AM
That all sounds great.

They look good together, especially since they look interested in each other.
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User is Offline Balefulregards
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8/08/2009 4:26 AM
Thanks Ladies -
This morning Coco went in at 6 a.m. to chin the entire area and stare at him according to my daughter. She then proceeded to chew up a sea grass mat I had lay out for him ( I think to let him know that She rules) and left a ton of territorial poops. Then she came back into my room where she has been furiously deconstructing a wicker basket I found at Pier One yesterday ( on clearance for 4 bucks!)

Jenn - You are right - He is a big Boy. We are so accustomed to Coco. She is tiny and petite - He is a BOY. We opened his cage and he eventually hopped out. Very cautious, Very nervous. Chinned everything in the vicinity and would hop back into his cage at any sound. After doing this a couple of times, My husband and I were even graced with a mini-binky!

He has the "walk" of a rabbit who has been caged - he doesn't stretch all the way out yet when he hops. I forgot about this - Coco did the same thing when she was first with us.

He seems to have extra fur on his toes - I am not sure what breed he is, but the tufts of fur on his feet make me laugh - he shows them when he is grooming.

I figure a couple of weeks just getting him used to being out of the cage - Letting Coco come in and watch him, before formally "Introducing" them. This will let him get used to the house noises and smells and Us, let his hormones die down and then really start the bonding process.

We've been giving LOTS of extra love to Coco. She needs to know she remains Queen Bun - Even with this bulky boy on the scene!

User is Offline Sarita
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8/08/2009 5:25 AM
He's so handsome! Congratulations to you and to Coco.

User is Offline KatnipCrzy
Holland, MI
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8/08/2009 9:51 AM

I agree with everyone else- they make a very good looking couple!

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User is Offline Sonn
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8/09/2009 6:16 AM
Aw such cute little bunnies!
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User is Offline KytKattin
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8/10/2009 9:06 PM
What a cute couple! Nova did the same thing with Hubble. Actually, she still chins everything, and then goes and cleans Hubble's eyes (though it looks like she's eating them...). Though they still don't live together so she has to let him know she still owns everything when they see each other. I hope your bonding process goes smoothly with only mild humping and poop wars!
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