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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HABITATS AND TOYS > Bailey really loves this ball! --Video--
Last Post by bunnymum at 9/12/2009 12:15 PM (9 Replies)
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User is Offline sharper
Dallas, TX
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5/01/2009 4:53 PM

 I bought this wooden ball with a rattling nut inside at Petco today.  She went bonkers!  Sorry that the camera is shaky, but I was trying to play with her and hold the camera at the same time. lol  Listen closely to her noises she makes as she plays.  She makes these noises when she really gets involved.  So funny!


and here is the label to her toy.  I think it was $3.99.  It wasn't in the rabbit toys area.  It was around the rodent toys area.

User is Offline LilynJestersMama
Phoenix, Arizona
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5/01/2009 6:18 PM

I have some Ware Manufacturing brand toys for my buns and they love them!

What a great video!  The sounds that Bailey makes are hilarious, like little grunts!

Yay for fun new toys that the buns will play with!  I love when they turn out to be a hit!




User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
Forum Leader
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5/03/2009 5:50 AM
I LOVE her noises!
I'm going to check out Ware toys.
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User is Offline Lintini
Bay Area, California
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7/14/2009 12:01 AM
I just bought that same ball today, my bun also loves it!

User is Offline amanda-penny & lola
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9/11/2009 5:38 AM
cute video.

I went to petsmart not to long ago and I got my buns this nutty knot nibbler thing and they didn't touch it. I knew I should have gotten one of those things for my buns. Thats going to be their next new toy.
penny& lola love Lola & Penny <3

User is Offline Barbie
1584 posts Send Private Message
9/11/2009 8:01 AM
Oh yeah, Leroy LOVES those! They're actually the only toy he'll bother with for any length of time

User is Offline BunnyLiz
Covington, Ky
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9/11/2009 9:41 AM
Mine like those too, they demolish them in a day. But they prefer the unpeeled willow toys from BB. I think they just like that bark stuff on them.
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User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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9/11/2009 9:47 AM
lol that's so cute! I should pick up a little one for Monkey and see if she likes it

User is Offline mrmac
San Diego, CA
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9/11/2009 9:59 AM
My buns go CRAZY for those! They toss, and chew, and its is gone within a couple hours! They are amazing toys!

User is Offline bunnymum
592 posts Send Private Message
9/12/2009 12:15 PM
Yes, that is a great toy! Both my bunnies love it, but don't get quite as excite as Bailey! Thanks for the video....it made me LOL!
BuNnY cRaZy
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HABITATS AND TOYS > Bailey really loves this ball! --Video--

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