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Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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1/08/2007 3:32 PM
Check out my lovely lady Mayberry! One picture does not do her she is in her bun glory:

This is my first bun profile, so any comments would be appreciated as well

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Ontario, Canada
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1/09/2007 4:31 AM

I copied your link info but got a "page not found" error.

After backspacing to the word "Site" I got your home page and found the Mayberry link here:

Great pics!! .. One suggestion about the text though, if you're trying to make bunnies in general sound like the great pets we know they are, then you might reword the part that says:

"A rare find in the rabbit world..."  While we understand that you mean that Maybs is particularly sweet and lovable, it might also sound to others that rabbits are not generally so.


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