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7/09/2018 9:08 AM

So I've been looking for a broken or tricolored bun for a while now, and haven't found any in my area. Does anybody know of breeders or shelters in Minnesota that would have broken Mini Rexes or Mini/Holland Lops? I should also add that it would be preferably better if he/she was young and un-neutered.

Thank you!

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7/15/2018 9:20 AM
Hi, it is always recommended to adopt since many buns are left in shelters as people did not want to care for them

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7/15/2018 5:12 PM
Hi there! I second the adopt portion. I don't know of any shelters in your area, but I would go down to any local animal shelters and look and see if you find any buns you fall in love with.

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7/17/2018 4:03 PM
I will say that most shelters neuter their rabbits, and the ones that don't probably wouldn't apprecuate you breeding them, haha

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7/21/2018 10:23 PM
Rabbits will have to be spayed or neutered for their own health and well-being. Unfixed rabbits aren't pleasant house pets because their raging hormones can lead to agression, bad litterbox habits, urine spraying, and humping. Females need to be spayed to prevent uterine cancer, they have up to 80% chance of developing uterine cancer by age 4. Males can get extremely frustrated because their hormones drive them crazy. It isn't called "going at it like rabbits" for nothing.
For all these reasons most shelters offer neutered/spayed rabbits only. It makes rabbits happier, healthier and better companions for your family.

Is there a special reason why you want to have an unneutered rabbit? FYI: if you look up the forum rules you'll see that this forum is for house pet rabbits only, and that discussions/questions about breeding are not allowed.
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Saint Cloud, MN
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3/01/2019 12:14 PM
Hello! I know the MN Companion Rabbit Society is a great shelter and I've seen some very beautiful tri-colored bunnies on their adoption page! They also host events like Hoppy Hour, Bunny Basics classes, and Agility classes too!
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