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12/30/2017 6:01 PM

My aunt recently contacted my husband and I because she noticed two rabbits in her backyard that were clearly not wild rabbits. One is white with red eyes, the other is mostly white with black spots. She is involved with a dog/cat rescue in our area, and they were assisting her with setting humane traps to catch the rabbits. After about a week, they were able to catch one of the rabbits. As soon as he was caught, we brought him into our home. He has been settled in a pen for about 4 hours now. We have 4 house rabbits so we have plenty of food, supplies, etc. The rabbit ate almost an entire bunch of cilantro, some kale and some hay. I have seen plenty of poops in his litter box, but no pee yet. He seems to be really tired, and has been resting on some fleece most of the evening. 

I live in the midwest and it has been bitterly cold here, especially in the past week that the rabbit had been outside. I have never rescued a rabbit from the wild before and could use some guidance on what to do next. 

How can I tell if he is comfortable? How can I make sure he stays warm besides having lots of fleece available? How soon should I get him to the vet? Will a vet even see him being that he was found in the wild? I'm worried he has frostbite on his pads, but I don't think I should handle him until he is seen by a vet. Are there are symptoms of frostbite I can look for without having to check his paws? 

We plan to keep the rabbit here until he is healthy, then we will contact our local house rabbit association to place him up for adoption. 

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12/31/2017 1:11 PM
Thank you for helping him! Is your aunt still trying to catch the other bunny?

I'm sure any rabbit vet would see him. Being found in the wild shouldn't affect anything. I would def keep him quarantined and away from your other rabbits, at least until he sees the vet.

I suggest you go easy on the veggies. If he's been outside a long time (and he most likely lived with someone who took very poor care of him before) he's probably not used to veggies and you def don't want his tummy to get upset. I would offer a small amount of 1 variety for a few days before adding anything else.
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1/02/2018 10:41 AM
Good Lord, from the description those buns sound as if they could be my own Panda and Fernando!!! Thank goodness they're always inside where it's warm (though I'll have to get them in their carrier this weekend to take them for their nail trims). Well done on rescuing the one you were able to find!

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2/04/2018 11:13 AM
It's a good thing the first bun was found, and that he is resting safely; hopefully you find the second one!!!

As for frostbite symptoms, be sure to check this website out:

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4/08/2018 8:55 PM
I hope it hasnt been too long to refresh this topic, but I hope you guys got the second bun inside and I hope they are doing well! Hope to see an update on them!
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