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2/16/2012 2:21 PM

So I found a local rescue on a website. They listed themselves with a name, and the descibe themselves as the following:

XXXXX Rescue is a small, in home private rescue for small animals. XXXX Rescue does not take in dogs or cats, but rather focuses on rodents and other small, typically caged animals. The mission of our rescue is to take in animals that can no longer be cared for by their owners, or are no longer wanted. Our rescue provides them with a good home, and works on any behavioral or health issues that may be present. Our rescue is also a platform to impart to current and future owners of small pets the proper care of these animals.

So I visited the directors home, where most of the animals are (the rest are in foster homes) and she explained how their rescue is run, their guidelines and procedures. It seemed like a really nice setup. I filled out a foster form and she let me know of two potental rabbits that needed a foster until they could be adopted. Anyways of course I fell in love with a bunny there and ended up adopting it. I went and picked him up directly from the owner's home and then mailed the adoption fee to the director. I made the check out to the name of the rescue (I included a small donation amout with the fee).  Then a week or some goes by and I get a phone call and a long studdering message about how the check needs to be made out to her personally or I can drive to the rescue (it is about 40 min drive) to pay cash.....

Does anyone else think this is strange? Has anyone else had this type of experience and/or run a rescue that is this way?

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2/16/2012 2:35 PM
No, I haven't.

First, they may not be a 501c but they should be a non-profit business with the state.

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2/17/2012 12:16 PM
There are only two reasons I can think of. First is that they aren't actually a real rescue. They may have set things up and have them working well with the best of intentions but they are not officially a business and therefore cannot cash a check in the business' name.

The second is that for some reason she wants this payment off the record. I don't understand why she would want that though. Well, other than if it isn't a non-profit it means they have to report it to the IRS and thereby have to pay more in taxes.

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