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2/10/2012 1:15 AM

I apologize beforehand since what is still in effect has nothing to do with bunnys....well, unless the evil atrocities decided to buy/hunt some and kill them since mine are safely away.  They kept saying little things as to what they thought of my babies.  What should be done with them. 


I lived in a house last semester where there were two dogs and a cat.  One dog was a short hair mix between a lab and a pit while the other was a siberian huskey.  The owners came by the short hair, Alex (false names, I can only dread if the owners found out this was here) because they wanted a dog, he was sick with Parvo and was the only pup out of his litter to survive.  While he was at the vets since he was really poorly off for a while, the owners bought a 3 year old huskey (Princess).  She is well behaved mostly since her previous owners gave her some training.  However, Alex wimpers and howls when he wants attention since that was all he had to do at the vets.  This plus the fact that he needs a LOT of exercise means that he was put outside.  Also, they want to breed Princess and sell her pups, thus do not want her to breed with Alex.  Princess, also needs a lot of exercise.  They spend so much time in the house but never take their dogs for walks, the form of attention they recieve is treats (well only Princess).  They never listen when their pets ask for new water in the water bowl and sometimes it takes days to refill it.  When I was there, I fed thier pets almost everyday, reminded them when they needed new food.  Hell sometimes, I bought the food because one of the guys just did not $*&!ing care enough. "They can just eat our leftovers" (leftovers which he had left out on the stove for days and still managed to eat; this was mostly meat of all sorts).  That happened when the girlfriend to that same guy left on a trip.  She would forget to buy it beforehand.  I took Princess out regularly everyday before my classes and after, then again at night more than once.  Both Princess and Kitcat, the cat they own, came and pawed on my door and then mewed or barked when they wanted something.  I am just really worried and I keep thinking that there has to be a way to liberate at least one pet.  

For Kitcat, the boys that live there shoot at her with bb-guns when the girlfriend is not there and I no longer live there to give the cat a safehaven in my room.  They kick her and are mean to her when they are drunk.  The girlfriend just watches or pitifully says stop it.  I think she just decided to give in to her boyfriend's will.  They think they can teach her to be nicer when all they are doing is instilling fear in her.  They get mad at her when she plays with their stuff or scratches the furniture but told me that bunnies do what is instinctual (Their reason why my room was a mess when I returned)...!  This they told me after I had asked the girlfriend to watch my bunnies for a couple days while I went home for doctor appointments.  She had promised to follow my rules for their care.  I thought she was a stronger, more caring friend that could protect my bunnies while I was gone and give them the proper care.  I was so stupid.  How could I have been so stupid?!  My bunnies decided to dig in the carpet and chew on the windowsill as well as the curtain.... I should have known after I came back that they did not care at all for them, they just let them out and did not watch them like they promised.  What if something had gone wrong?  God, I was such an idiot.  I had left a detailed note for their care and had specifically stated more than five times that the bunnies should not be let out if no one could watch them.  I also had left the HRS' guide right next to the note with a big arrow pointing at it, the important pieces of every section highlighted, symptoms to look for tabbed (I even had what to look for to confirm my babies were acting/doing what is their norm so that if they were not wanting to do something it might be a neccessity to take them to a vet right away.   I even had maps to the nearest exotic 24/7 vet in case they stopped eating or pooping or other problems occurred while i was away).  My bunnies never do misbehave like that either, I checked that room everyday (because I wanted to make sure that my bunnies were not doing things that could hurt them or do what I had already taught them was wrong) and none of those things were there.  Sorry, I am still kicking myself, they let slip that they had chased my bunnies while drunk (much later)!  My babies must have been terrified and I wish I had know the character of those evil people before ever having moved in with them.  The damage to the room, I should have known that G&P were telling me everything was wrong.  They ran whenever the door to my room opened.  So different from how they are now and were before we lived there.  Thank god it was only for a short period of time.

Sorry, everytrime I think of them, I think of the words that my fiance told me the boyfriend had said to him, "I told her (that guys girlfriend) to never feed those little $*&!ers. We never let them out. Ever."  He has admitted to killing kittens and kept saying that if any of the strays coming to our house had kittens on the property that he was going to kill those too.  The other boy staying there said the same thing.  I just worry, what if he gets tired of them?  He really only gets annoyed at them now and beats them if they do not exhibit the behavior he wants.  I wish I had managed to get something on video,  The neighborhoood is bad too; they sprayed a full can of pepper spray in Alex's eyes and once threatened to shoot him.  There were even kids throwing rocks at Alex once, they ran away when I came outside.  For some reason, the boys do care about threats to their dogs but I wonder if it is just so they can pick up loaded guns and storm outside?  


There is so much more I wish I could type but I wonder how would someone go about documenting this if the only thing they see meets the basic requirements for care?  I mean, there will be food in the backyard and I bought Alex an electric waterbowl to make sure his water would never freeze on him.  His igloo sucks and there is no bedding or a door flap to keep out the cold but none of this proves neglect, the inside would never be seen and the loaded guns are kept just out of eyesight if someone were to look in the window.  Kitcat  has never had any broken bones because of the arse$!&$s and is fed (at least I think that this would be a bigger priority to the girlfriend since she loves animals and now has no one else to rely on to help her keep up with them.)  Is there anything the humane society could do?  The only thing that might be proof is a ten minute period where the guys talk about shooting the cat with the bb-gun while attempting to do so on a recorder which the girlfriend has... So, while this is not everything and I might be crucified for being an asinine bunny parent for not being able to know beforehand that the boys were just pure evil; would any of this be useful in getting at least Alex or Kitcat away from that awful place to somewhere that could give them a better living situation?  

Does anyone think that the owners, if searching through names, might be able to find this?  I might sound paranoid but they managed to hack each others accounts all the time, I just stress that maybe the girlfriend (once my friend) could figure my passwords out or remember them and then find this.  It might sound paranoid, but the boyfriend managed to call my fiance's phone, my house, my cell, from different numbers, trying to harrass me after I moved out.  Hell, I still worry that he will show up out of the blue or call to harrass me again or find someone else to do it.  I am afraid to go back to my campus town in case I run into them.  Sorry, I just would not put it past them, even her anymore.  I cannot believe I lied to myself and told myself she was a friend for so long.  

I want to help their pets because I love them and took care of them and worry now that I am not there.  I left for the health of my bunnies and mine.  Which I had to do.  I just feel like there should be something I can do for Alex, Kitcat, and Princess (though they love her the most and she gets the best care).  I just cannot stop crying everytime I think about them, I am so angered by what has happened in that house. 


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2/10/2012 1:28 AM
If they shoot KitKat with BB guns, there would be scars. That and the video of him talking about shooting the cat would be some kind of proof I would think.

It's a scary situation, especially with the one guy calling and showing up. Killing animals liek that is just a step below killing people as well. Definitely call the police if he shows up or harasses you again, and DEFINITELY call the humane society and ask about what you can do with the video.

And look up a password generator online, and get a password you would never think of yourself. best way to keep people from figuring it out.

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2/11/2012 2:45 AM
I do not have the recording, his girlfriend has it, I left before I recorded it with my recorder. I have been looking at MO statutes and laws and if they could find evidence of scars on Kitcat or if the igloo really is horrible housing then it might work. I am looking at their website now.

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2/11/2012 2:58 AM
Sorry, I forgot to say Thank you for the response.

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2/11/2012 5:26 AM
Have you contacted a local humane society asking them for advice on this? I think that would be the first step. Ask them what kind of proof they need or what they need to investigate your complaint?

Humane Societies and SPCA's are locally owned and operated entities and most all of them do investigations and know their local laws. They also work with local law enforcement agencies.

Start there.

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3/02/2012 1:14 PM
When they go away for a while and ask you to take care of the dogs, they could "go missing" and you could bring them to a rescue.

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3/02/2012 1:26 PM

Then that would be theft and she could be arrested for taking them. Only if there were clear and obvious signs of neglect could you possibly get away with taking someone else's dog away.  Now, if your sitting for them and you feel they should see a vet, well that's what a sitter should do.  If the vet concludes that there is neglect, then the SPCA can get involved, especially with a vet's recommendation.


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3/04/2012 12:10 PM
The problem is I no longer live there and we parted on very bad terms. The guy has my friend believing that I betrayed her and they harassed me after I left for money that I did not owe them. I finally got them to stop calling me after we threatened to sue them. I will have to visit town again at some point and I am thinking of just driving by the house (I am not setting foot on the property because they had very long conversations about what they would do if someone did trespass; death was the general consent on what would happen to that person). If I can see anything that might count, I am going to call the local humane society and get them to check it out after taking pictures and writing down the time and date. The problem was that I did not have enough specifics, I did not have times and dates and pictures or evidence of any kind. I never thought of it and I wish I had taken pictures or secretly recorded what happened when my friend had left for trips... Even she is probably in trouble but without evident proof there is not much anyone can do.
I thought about taking them with me but I know what would happen if they figured out it was me. Plus they did threaten to charge me with theft for a bed frame which I had paid them for. He is not afraid to get dirty, he called me from multiple phones and locations when trying to harass me. He even called my fiance and family members. I want the law on my side not his so I just need to see if I can get evidence the next time I am there and hope that I do or that if not, that they have decided they need to let the animals go to a shelter. I keep hoping she decided on that since she was thinking about it before. Either way, that is my plan right now.