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2/02/2012 1:12 PM

Im not sure if I am meant to be putting this here or in the rescue section, so apologies if I am in the wrong place...

The rescue bunnies are 10 days old now and bottle feeding really well. They have gone from 1ml every 2 hours each (*yawn*) to 2mls (thicker milk) every 5 hours.  I feel like I've learnt a lot in the last 4 days of hand raising them... The Wombaroo milk is fantastic, and easy to mix... If you feed the *other* brand they get diarrhea.... Im not having any luck with bottle feeding, I have a syringe that I am comfortable with the flow of milk now...

Someone we know here in Adelaide has telling me that they need to be on Colostrum.  I am not opposed to the idea.... but.......

4 days ago when they were only 6 days old, I tried to get some colostrum powder (apparently this is what mum feeds them for the first few days of their life?) and I couldnt get any of the real stuff, apart from a *MUSCLE JUICE* one at the health food shop. I didnt feel comfortable with that. The babies had bad diarrhea at the time and thanks to JG they started on their wombaroo milk... and they have been great ever since. They are so fat now! And omg they have SO much energy when they smell that milk! I wish I could share the pics because one is HUGE! and the other one is a bit smaller but they are now fat and fluffy

Anyway I keep hearing from this person that they *need* colostrum etc... I have been reading about it and most site informations vary, some say only feed it for a day when they are under 24 hours old... some say for 72 hours from birth... but these guys are already 10 days old and I am so nervous about introducing it to their milk because they are doing so well and I dont want to upset the balance of their diet... 

I am not saying that she is wrong, I am just getting a bit protective of these 2 and I dont have a lot of experience, I dont want to unbalance their little tummies now that they are pooing so well... so does anyone know about colostrum and if I should or shouldnt be introducing it at 10 days old?! 

With our baby ostriches, if we fed probiotics when they were too young, it would upset their gut. Apparently this person is telling me we should be looking into probiotics now too.... Do I have to do it now, when they have only just pulled through? (they were close to death 4 days ago... ) or can I wait a week until they are stable on their diet? 


PS: eyes should be opening in 2 - 3 days!!!  

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2/03/2012 3:57 PM
I don't think they need that. Call a trusted rabbit vet if you have concerns, but I don't think they need that. Lots of animals get orphaned and don't get honestly I wouldn't chance doing something else when what you are doing is working so well *hugs* Great job 'mommy'

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2/04/2012 5:43 PM
nawwwww thanks K&K They are 12 days old today, so they have been with me for 6 days.... The milk is going well and their appetites are increasing.
Pekoe had a serious case of bloat the other night. He looked like he had swallowed a tennis ball - it was so scary. I gave infacol and sat up with him for a few hours and then in the morning when I checked on him, he was a normal size again and there was poo EVERYWHERE! I think he had "turbo" sucked his bottle too hard the night before and taken too much in and bloated.
Today both are starting to explore a lot more, and instead of wobbling everywhere, they are doing little hops.
I know that we are not meant to get too attached to them, but it is so hard because when I took them in I did a lot of info reading, and it seems a lot of babies dont make it past 24 hours on the bottle, so I dindt expect them to get very far.... (I know that sounds terrible but it seemed the odds were against them at the time, one was just about lifeless...) but now they are great after 6 days!!! And... well.... im getting very protective and attached... lol.
What weighs 35 tonnes, has four fuzzy ears and is 80 million years old? Two rabbits riding a brontosaurus.

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2/04/2012 6:22 PM

Infacol being simethicone.     Its been suggested in some of the info found about hand rearing and it seems Pekoe responded well to it. Kafrns doing amazing with them.


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2/04/2012 7:54 PM
Jersey, I gave them infacol in their lunch bottle today too, just a tiny bit because the milk was a little bit thicker... they seem to be responding well...
What weighs 35 tonnes, has four fuzzy ears and is 80 million years old? Two rabbits riding a brontosaurus.

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2/06/2012 6:49 AM
I would absolutely go to a trusted rabbit vet. I know for bottle lambs the colostrum must be fed within the first couple of hours. With how well they're doing and how old they are now, I wouldn't think it would help and might set them back. A good vet would know though.
- Elrohwen

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2/06/2012 10:12 AM
I am going to move this over to the rescue section. I think the other post was put there, too, so it will be consistent.

It does sound like they're over the hump.
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