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4/18/2011 5:33 AM

My husband was mowing the yard yesterday, when he realized he had mowed over a bunny nest.  When he peeked inside the baby bunny closest to the top was dead (I think it was scared to death by the mower).  The others, with their eyes still closed, were moving about and trying to "hop" out.  My husband removed the dead bunny and we covered the nest back with the mother's fur and loose grass. 

This morning I went outside to check on the bunnies and noticed the coverings of the nest were packed a little more than I had done the previous day and I could see the it moving a little as I imagine the little bunnies were jumping again.  So, I thought the mother must have come back and fixed the nest.  Then I noticed one of the little bunnies about a foot away from the nest kind of hiding in the grass.  He moved just a little bit when I stroked his head.  I looked around and found one more about three feet away.  This one was not doing so good.  His legs were a little stiff and not so warm to the touch, but I could see his chest moving ever so slightly. 

I put on gardening gloves, so as not to add any more of my smell to them, and placed them back in the nest where there were two other baby bunnies moving all about.  The nest was small, so I just kind of layed the two babies on top of the other two hoping that their body heat would warm them up.

I'm worried that the mother may have kicked them out of the nest.  Did I do right or wrong by putting them back?  Do you think the mother will abandon all four of them now?  I am going to go home around lunchtime to see how they are doing.  If the two are still not doing so good, should I take them inside to warm them up and feed them KMR?  If not and the one bunny is dead, should I remove his body from the nest?

I checked my area (Eastern Shore of Virginia) for animal rehab places and I haven't been able to find one.

Thanks for any help.

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4/18/2011 8:10 AM
I have no idea, sorry. Just wanted to let you know I sympathize with you. I hope someone here has an answer for you.

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4/18/2011 8:30 AM

Is this the list you looked at?

Also, please read about baby cottontails:

KMR is not right for baby cottontials from what I understand - they need something much richer like goat milk - you risk doing more harm than good trying to feed them yourself.

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4/18/2011 11:48 AM
Sorry for the panic earlier. I was sure the one was going to die, but I think everything is okay. I went home for lunch and peeked inside the hole and saw a bunch of little squirming babies. I didn't investigate too much, but it seemed they were all moving. I covered it up and placed small sticks in a tic-tac-toe formation on top so I will know if the mother comes tonight. I don't plan on peeking inside anymore. Thanks for your help and advice!