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4/03/2011 7:40 AM

In a few months, I'm going to adopt a bunny. But, I'm not sure where to adopt one from. I'm looking for a holland lop (male). I want a young one so  I can really bond with it and train him. I want to save one that's been rescued. Are there any places I can look? I checked out The House Rabbit Society, but they don't have any in Texas, and that's where I live.

Thank you. (:


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4/03/2011 9:03 AM
Where in Texas do you live? Also you should try to keep in mind that as a rescue they may not have exactly the rabbit you describe and it's best to be open minded and meet the rabbits available for adoption and make a decision then.

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4/03/2011 9:03 AM

Where do you live in Texas? There are plenty of places in Texas where you can adopt rabbits.  It shouldn't make much of a difference bonding with/training a rabbit if the rabbit is older - I just adopted my second rabbit (who is 1.5 years old) recently and he's already warmed up to me so much and learned a few tricks.

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4/04/2011 12:07 PM
I find a quick way to locate rescues in my area is to start on Go into that site, enter your zip code and how many miles surrounding you for your search area. Select Rabbits. Then hit search. It will show you pages of rabbits listed from nearest to farthest to your zip code. Once listed, you'll see a pattern of several rescues who advertise there (most good ones do). You can click on the links to the rescues to get to their own websites with details about their sites and directions. Some, like the one nearest me in Ft. Lauderdale, have 80 rabbits but are by appointment only. I only learned that from checking out their own website.
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4/04/2011 3:04 PM
I went through petfinder and found my local rescue. I told them I was interested in a lop and would possibly like to consider two thinking the bun would be happier with a friend. They brought about twelve buns to a local petco and i got to sit with each one. Then I picked my favorite who happened to be a boy so she asked if any of the girls jumped out at me and I told her which so she introduced them and they seemed to do well. She bonded them for me and then i picked them up the next week.

Anyways all that was to say they will let you meet and greet and you may be surprised who you end up picking. I didn't pick either of the two I thought I was going to. I thought I would like younger buns but loved the personalities of two of the adults and they are doing so well.

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4/04/2011 5:27 PM
Oh yes, the thing with young rabbits is, it is a gamble on the type of personality you are going to get

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4/07/2011 4:32 AM
Petfinder is a valuable resource to find local rabbits. Many rescues have rabbits, and there are also privately-run rescue groups (usually operating out of volunteer's homes) that specialize in small pets but may not be advertised like larger humane societies. Unfortunately, with Easter coming, in the months following there will be an influx of young bunnies. People get rabbits for kids at Easter and then in a couple months (when bunny becomes hormonal) they realize they are in WAY over their head.
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