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12/13/2010 6:37 AM

I get all of my rabbit supplies at the house rabbit society in Richmond, CA.  About a month ago, I came across a Californian rabbit by the name of Jessie.  She was in an X-Pen and I had some spare time so I picked her up and began petting her.  She immediately closed her eyes and began tooth purring so loudly that other people in the room could hear it cleary.  I found out that she's a real snuggler and enjoys being held and petted.  Unfortunately, I can't adopt her because of my own deva at home.

I went to the HRS again on Sunday to pick up supplies and guess who was in the x-pen again?  She was standing up, waiting for me to come pick her up and pet her.  Which I did while they were ringing me up.  However, this time she was very fidgety and trying to climb out of my arms - even going as far as to grab my sweater and begin tugging and biting it.  I couldn't figure out this major change until I remembered that just a few hours prior, I had been holding and petting my friend's cat for some time.  I apologized to Jessie and put her back into her x-pen, at which point she promptly gave me the bunny butt.

She's not on the HRS adoptable website but she is definitely adoptable.  If someone is looking for a rabbit that you can hold and pet, she's the one.

Just thought I'd share.



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12/13/2010 5:44 PM
So bittersweet...
I guess your knowing Maryann along with Jessie's reaction to the cat scent gives a good indicator of how things would go down if your were to take her home.

I just brought up the HRS HQ homepage and there is an un-named Cali picture there. I wonder if this could be her? I'm not even going to try guess how many other californian rabbits are there though.

Once her listing tells she's a snuggle bun, surely she'll find a home fast. Fingers crossed.
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