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9/10/2010 8:17 PM

I'm just wondering how many people have been successful in convincing friends or family to adopt a rescue rabbit. Not necessarily those who work or volunteer in shelters (I don't currently do that)... but since I adopted Mr. Bun-Bun I've become much more interested in encouraging people to adopt rabbits (appropriate people anyway!)

I have a lot of friends, and would recommend rabbit adoption to very few of them, but I have 3 in particular that would be wonderful rabbit mommies. One of them in fact was going to take Mr. Bun-Bun until I fell in love with him and brought him home, so I think she'll probably bring home a shelter rabbit once she settles into her new home. I've been a longtime animal rights activist and volunteer but in the past avoided groups that work with pets (danger of adopting too many animals, plus those groups are generally better-funded and staffed than groups who are working for the rights of animals used for fur and meat, farm animals, etc.) I would like to volunteer at the local shelter but I'm afraid of being around all those buns without homes, and that it'll just drive me nuts.

Anyway, just wondering what I should do. One of my friends really wants a rabbit and has thought about it for a long time, and her husband says no (they have 2 cats like I do.) However she'd be the one doing all the caretaking and cleaning, and I know if she insisted he would give in. I think she just needs to hang out with my bunny, she hasn't met him yet. Right now my only effort is posting an endless barrage of adorable bunny pictures on facebook.

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9/10/2010 11:26 PM
A friend of mine and my hubby's adopted a bunny from a rescue after meeting mine They couldn't have cats, cuz my hubby's friend is allergic, but his wife loooves animals. So when she found out we had bunnies, and he didn't react to them, she instantly started asking about them. I of course, gave all the info I had about them. Helps that I work with Rabbit Advocates here as a volunteer And so, they now have a beautiful little lady named Bubbles

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9/11/2010 3:50 AM
You can still support the shelters without around (and susceptible to) the rabbits. You've mentioned Mr Bun-Bun became quite well know at the clinic where you work. Maybe he could become a poster boy for rabbit adoption. You could put up adoption posters or if the owner is against that, have a portfolio of adoptable buns at a counter. Maybe add some take home pamphlets.
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9/11/2010 7:09 AM
I just thought of another idea, emailing links of adotable rabbits to my friend in the area who wants one... her husband would be mad at me, ha ha! I may stop by the shelter sometime to see if they need volunteer help. Cleaning cages might not be great since I have terrible allergies (the hay needed for Bun-Bun is only mildly annoying, but a roomful might be a bit much.) I know they always need drivers for spay/neuter operations, etc. I'll think about it...

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