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Huntington Beach
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4/29/2010 8:32 AM

For anyone who has an IPhone, there is a new application of "Be Kind to Bunnies" that you can download.

meum cuniculum amo!

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Boston, MA
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10/19/2010 12:07 AM

what is it?


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B.C. Canada
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10/19/2010 7:29 AM
Yes, what does it do? and does it cost money?
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Richmond, CA
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10/22/2010 9:42 AM
Found this on the internet about it - and they seem to think it is actually Be Nice to Bunnies - searching for "PETA" in the iPhone App store will bring it up:

it's sponsored by PETA and spokesmodeled (don't hold this against it) by stephanie pratt. it's $1.99 and has a list of companies that do, and do not, test on animals, as well as indicates what is vegan! it seems to be mostly beauty products, makeup, soaps, shampoos, that type of thing. you can search by product or just look at the "do" and "don't" list, as well as save favorites. apparently it's being constantly updated so more will be added. i just bought it, seems like a great app to have on hand for those times when you're in the store and want to make an informed decision!
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