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Hi everyone - When I first created this section it was meant for Rabbit Rescue Groups, Animal Shelters, Volunteers and/or any individual who wanted to help spread the word about shelter adoptables, events, etc.   However, I realized I didn't make it clear enough -  "Rabbit Rescues" can be interpreted as individuals needing to find homes for their bunnies, pet store bunnies etc.   I apologize for creating that confusion.

I've renamed this section, as well as added some guidelines to get this section back on track.  I do discourage reposting of Craigslist ads of individuals wanting to rehome their rabbits.I know that Craigslist animal ads can really suck us in and even frustrate and anger us, especially if a person just wants to get rid of a bunny because they are tired of it.  (i've offered suggestions, in the guidelines for this section, about what to do if you see a Craigslist ad that tugs at your heart strings or makes you mad). 

I have found though, that I can help more bunnies by focusing on local rescues and animals shelters. They are doing such good work saving bunnies that have been given up,  abandoned, lost, neglected and abused. They have limited resources and can always use support.  In my opinion, they should be rewarded with time focused on them. That is why I am revamping this section so it can be focused back to its orignal intent.  We have a great group of members here and the site traffic is growing - let's use that to our advantage to help out our local rescues and/or animal shelters this upcoming year  - they are always in need.

A Little Inpiration.

This is a photo is of Jack the very first time I saw him at San Francisco Animal Care and Control. He was scared...and all alone.  His mate that he came in with was adopted out. leaving Jack behind.  (they don't separate pairs anymore there unless the pair ends up fighting/unbonding there). They gave him a clean, warm, safe place to stay, treated him for mites  and got him ready to be adopted out. But at the time his fear made him feisty - (just a big bluff I quickly discovered).  SaveABunny ended up taking him, and I fostered, and then adopted him from SaveABunny.

Jack at SF Animal Care Control.   




And of course, here  is Jack after adoption enjoying the good life.


Kudos to all of those who took care of him from  the time he was placed with ACC until he found his forever home with me.