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Orange County, CA
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3/26/2007 10:28 AM
Sorry if this type of post is not allowed, but I'll take my chances. Can't help sharing a deal on bunny supplies

Precision pet ultimate exercise pen--> $50 total
The one I got was the 30" H:

There is free shipping on the pen, so use $10 off $50 purchase, details here,

Also the 50L carefresh is on sale $12.74 + get 23L free with each 50L purchase.

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3/28/2007 4:55 PM

Okay, I'm allowing this one Poopy. (this is the last one though)  I need an example of what I really do not want people to do.

It's okay to discuss something you really liked when you're in a conversation/thread, or when something comes up.  And if once in a while you see something you really like and you want to share it then I will usually allow it unless it is too commercial.   But when it becomes repetitive or the first time is just like a sales ad then I have to put a stop to it.  I also get a bit suspicious when one company is being promoted over and over. 

Here is the reason why I really want to avoid posts that are similar to this and why we have rules on them:   Sales people, spammers etc etc.  look for forums and chats to spread their "good deals", (usually they pretend they are a actual member, and then they worm their way into promoting an product or particular store) and when they find a place that is allowing it, the board becomes a haven for annoying post from spammer types.  I have been a board member for years (first on and believe me when I tell you, I am looking out for the best interest for our members.   I want people to feel free to come to a board like this without the feeling that they are going to be sold something to.

Does that mean you can't discuss products and services you like and benefited from? No that is not what I mean.  You can discuss products and services but you need to read the terms of service to see where to draw the line. 

Please understand this is in the best interest for everyone. 

I have copied the sections below from the TOS that apply to this subject:

Don't post advertisements or promotions of stores or "for profit" companies.  If someone asks you about a product or asks for suggestions for a product, or it becomes part of the conversations then that's okay, but you can't just post out of the blue and say..."BestPetWorld" is having a 50% off sale from now until Christmas"   This invites spammer type posts, and I want our community to be authentic with people who are sharing tips and ideas - Not a haven for lurking sales people


Posts that specifically name retail stores, products, or promotions.   It is acceptable to respond to another member's questions or comments if discussing a product or in need of a product.                                       Examples of ACCEPTABLE posts:  1. A member asks about a best brushes.   Another member responds with links and product information.   2.  A member wants to share their experience of  a product that they love.  (However, if it begins to appear not authentic . Basically just a sneaky way to advertise, then we will begin to look at that with closer scrutiny)  

If you have any question about whether your post would break the rules or not, email me and I'll let you know.


User is Offline Theresa Moan
Nashua, NH
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3/29/2007 7:33 AM
Thanks, Poopy - I ordered one for myself!
I hope the fence helps with corralling them and will allow the trio more out time.
((However I have a sneaking suspicion Hugo will be jumping over it))

User is Offline wendyzski
Chicago, IL
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3/29/2007 9:04 AM
Try clipping a sheet to the top with binder clips or clothespins.  Keeps buns in, keeps sun out.

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