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Dayton, OH
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3/04/2007 9:38 AM

I have decided i like bunnies way more than people these days. lol Anyways, I have added quite a few buns to my myspace page and i wanted to add you all if you and your buns have a page. Im too lazy to make a separate page for all of us so i just have one. My page is locked so i have to add you before you can see my page.

I have found Jack, hareiette and a few other buns.

Does everyone have a myspace page for their buns? If you ask to be my friend i will add you!

Also, how do i add a link to this website to my page?

Carrera 6yo Mini Rex
Pookie 5yo Dwarf
Cooper 2yo old Mini Lop
Hooper (Hooptie) 2yo Mini Rex

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Los Altos, California
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3/04/2007 10:26 AM
Mine is and The Rabbit Haven is

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Campbell, CA
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3/04/2007 10:44 AM
those myspace bunnies are busy, aren't they? :-)
~ bunny mom to to HRH Hareiette, Viktor the crazy Krum and Pandora, prima binky ballerina ~ Save a life, Adopt!